AngrySkaven - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - AngrySkaven

What’s your BYOND key?

What’s your Discord ID?
A very angry skaven#1688

Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?
Morgan ‘Kraut’ Siegrist / LV-F4

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?
T’kal Co’ltar

What clan are you joining?
Clan Co’ltar

If minor: Give your clan lore.

Clan name:

Yautja Secundus

Short Clan Synopsis:
Clan Co’ltar is a relatively young clan, though its founding principles and ideals are almost ancient. It is a Clan of smiths and scientists, where the acts of Creation and Smithing are considered second only to the Hunt itself: thus, to become Blooded, one must not only be able to complete the Trials, but also to craft a worthy weapon with which to finish said tests. One of the peculiarities of this clan, which has earned them the suspicion, if not the scorn, of other Yautja, is the ability of both Creators and Smiths to participate in the Hunt and even rise in rank like any Blooded member of the Warrior caste.

Religious Beliefs:
Nyatara and Kherite are the two officially recognized deities in the Col’tar shrines, as befits their craftmanship inclined nature. The pilgrimage and offering of a personal masterpiece to the Twin Temples on Yautja Secundus is something that any Yautja that wishes to rise high in the ranks, must do. The cost of failure in such an endeavour, the rejection of their creation by the guardian priests of the temple, is high: shamed for life, if they survive the brutal punishment carried out by the enraged priests.

Proper Clan Lore:

Yautja character story:

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might wanna work on that clan lore dude

Yeah, fair enough: it is very barebones, will rectify that immediately. Thanks for the advice!

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Interesting yataja story and lore, would love to see it in game. +1 from me

The Council voted and the application is to be denied. Primary reason is a lack of community support. I recommend continuing to build a positive reputation in the community. Feel free to also ask any questions or express any potential concerns in the wl-app-help channel in the Discord. You can reapply in 30 days.