AnonHault - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Steelpoint

AnonHault - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Steelpoint

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Mauricio Schofield

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What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

I have been noted by Steelpoint.
The note is : Warning | Rule 2: Roleplay | As Alpha SL, player was ignoring orders from CIC. Player claimed they did not hear the orders. Log pulls noted CIC attempted to contact player on a lot of occasions. Stressed to player they must be more attentive as a SL and listen to CIC orders.

First, Steelpoint told me I was told to get out of mining in Chance’s Claim. I was not in mining, I was at Hydro-South, Made my way east and up into cargo because I was given orders to move north towards A-block. Later, Steelpoint told me that they couldn’t get orders to me because I was allegedly ignoring them. I attempted to ask Steelpoint what orders I was ignoring, but I was not given a response and given a redirect to ‘As I said, there are quite a few occasions. If you disagree with this note, you’ll need to lodge a staff report. As I stated, any further issues may result in bans and job-bans.’ and ’ As I stated there are a lot of references to CIC personnel trying to get your attention. Personally, I can go either way with this.’

I can’t improve on this note if I don’t know where I was attempted to be contacted. I was told by the CO to deploy, but I wasn’t contacted after that, not to what I can see in my chat other than given orders to go north-west to A-BLOCK and leave LZ2.


You have been noted by Steelpoint.
The note is : Warning | Rule 2: Roleplay | As Alpha SL, player was ignoring orders from CIC. Player claimed they did not hear the orders. Log pulls noted CIC attempted to contact player on a lot of occasions. Stressed to player they must be more attentive as a SL and listen to CIC orders.

Admin PM from-Steelpoint: Its alleged you were ordered to move out from mining but you refused initally?
Admin PM from-Steelpoint: Ok, so I’ve investigatged and the issue seems to be you were not responding to CIC when they directly called your name and rank for further orders. Did you not notice you were being spoken to or did you ignore them?
Admin PM from-Steelpoint: There are a lot of instances where you are called out by title, rank or name that its hard to keep track
Admin PM from-Steelpoint: From my log pulls they were trying to get you to talk to them, your lack of response meant they could not give you orders

I was contacted by several members of CIC via ahelps regarding the Alpha SL, that being the OP, were not listening to their orders.

I investigated via checking logs and asking the OP via an ahelp for their story. My log pulls corroborated that CIC had tried to contact the OP on many occasions to relay them orders, including the Executive Officer and Commanding Officer. OP claimed they were fighting xenomorphs and did not notice they were being spoken to.

In my view, I believed the OP had either ignored the orders issued to them, or was simply not paying attention. Ergo, I issued the note.

I emphasized to AnonHault that they need to be far more attentive to CIC and the command staff whilst playing as a Squad Leader.

The stem of the issue is that I don’t know what I was ignoring because you won’t tell me what they said so I cannot check if I have those messages in my chat.

I can’t comment on what I was allegedly ignoring if you don’t tell me.


So I looked through a bunch of the logs leading up to the ahelp and the relevant PMs and such.

When it comes to the orders that you ignored I think I figured it all out. (I’ll save you most of the raw logs since they dont really add anything, and to save myself from formatting them neatly.)

The CO was announcing briefing twice, and also called it out in all squads, but you didnt end up showing up since you were ordering items at req.
After missing the briefing all the squads were deploying and you seemed to have missed that also while still ordering items at req, even though the CO announced it over comms.
The first direct order that you miss while still doing stuff at req is:

Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Calhoun [Alpha]: Sergeant Schofield, get your ass deployed before I have you arrested for desertion. (JOB: Commanding Officer)

After that you seem to slowly get deployed groundside and fight around the area of mining:

Meanwhile: both the XO and CO have ordered Alpha in general to move north-west to A-Block (The big purple building north of LZ2) 4 times in total after the CO telling you to deploy.
This culminates in the XO asking you to please respond directly over comms:

Dwight Morrison Alpha: Sergeant Schofield, respond. (JOB: Executive Officer)

After you dont respond you get demoted and another aSL gets assigned.
You also dont respond to orders afterwards to move to the front and end up fighting a drone, getting hugged afterwards.

I get that you were doing your own thing at some points like fighting a runner and boiler and getting supplies from req. But you are the Alpha Squad LEADER.
As SL you do actually need to do stuff like coordinate your squad, follow orders and show up to briefing. And during the entire 15 minutes between the CO dismissing marines in briefing and you getting hugged you don’t say a single word on comms. Not on the Alpha comms or on the Command comms. (Yes comms were online the entire time that you were groundside)

It really does feel like you were failing on basically every level in doing the bare minimum that is expected of a SL. So I do think the note is appropriate and I will be leaving it there.
When it comes to your PMs and how Steelpoint handled the situation I do think that basically all protocols were followed, even if the “Informing a player about why they are being punished” part leaves a bit to be desired.
However I do see that even sending one or two quotes of what was actually said could have cleared up a lot of the confusion and frustration on your end.

As for action taken I guess I’ll nominally deny this report, since I’m not removing the note or taking any punitive action. But I will be talking to @Steelpoint about how to better handle tickets like this in the future so players are better informed about their punishments.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs