Another Event idea

The Almayer is traveling back from the CLF raid as per lore but instead of receiving a distress call from a colony it instead receives a distress call from a nearby cargo vessel and it moves in to assist. However the distress call was a trap as the Almayer gets ambushed by anti ship missiles from a nearby uninhabited planet. Some missiles get through wounding it and disabling its weapons systems and engines as well as the lifeboats. Then the sensors ping multiple boarding parties en route (the admins will spawn a few continued CLF ERTs). This ambush was planned by the CLF to capture Critical data aboard the Almayer as well as to capture the CO after being tipped off by WY operatives in a shady scheme meant to erase some of the documented WY dirt the Almayer carries in exchange for support and weapons. However to get those data the CLF will have to hold CIC for 15 minutes in order to download it. Additionally the Royce picked up the distress call as well and is en route to Almayers position however they will take an hour to arrive. Marines need to hold off until then from which point the Royce will engage the remaining boarding vessels and sent its own boarding party to the Almayer. If the CLF succeeds in its objectives the Royce boarding party will be standard PMCs tasked to eliminate the CLF on board. If the CLF fail in one or the other the Royce will instead send whiteout inserted from drop pods in order to bury any evidence. That includes any and all alive on the Almayer as well as initiating its self destruct sequence. In that case the Royce will also pursue all life pods that get ejected during the round and destroy them(Admins OB them or something).

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We had similar events, they went kinda poor. Cryopod spawn campers, no real barricade for bullets so hallways are shooting galleries, random OT claymores in maints.

The Royce would do this job a lot better by itself

WY wiki page, PMCs:

“…the USCSS Royce, a powerful Weyland-Yutani cruiser that patrols the outer edges of the Neroid sector. Under the directive of Weyland-Yutani’s board member Johan Almric, they act as private security for company science teams. The USCSS Royce contains a crew of roughly two hundred PMCs, and one hundred scientists and support personnel.”

Not only are the PMCs a lot better than marines (and there are more of them), the Royce is a top of the line cruiser as opposed to the Almayer which is a (recently heavily damaged) rustbucket patrol transport, boarding actions may not even be necessary.

the idea is to blame it on the CLF instead of having WY take direct action. That’s the whole point. And if they cannot do it they just wipe em all and say the same just no survivors

Kinda hard to blame the random piece metal that bounced off your ship and says “USS Almayer” on Weyland, my whole point is that they could just blow the ship up (optionally killing everyone onboard first) and leave.

what’s the fun in that though. Plus we get to play as whiteout