ansekishoku - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - ansekishoku

What is your Discord ID?


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Total Ban Duration

Not been informed, assuming its Permanent

Reason for Ban



I got banned for racism because i sent a gif with roaches coming out of a manhole cover that has a “Turk generator” caption on it.
I didn’t know that calling Turkish people roach was racist, and as a Turkish person myself, me and my friends called each other roaches on our own discord server, sent ourselves the roach gif and stuff.
On the CM discord someone sent a gif with a dead roach laying on a paper that’s shaped like a slab and candles around it with the caption “Turkish Funeral”, i sent my own roach gif in response, not seeing the warning message before it while i was looking for the gif, sent my gif and i got banned too.
The first day i got banned i told the Staff Manager about it and didn’t get a response, so after roughly 2 months and having no idea about the duration of my ban, i decided to appeal.
I am really sorry for my mistake and didn’t mean to offend anyone.

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So, I am accepting this purely due to a vouch from a member of our Moderation team. I am trusting that going forward, there will be no further issues.

Resolved - Accepted

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Added appeal:approved and removed appeal:waiting