Anuv - Player Report: Jimmy ‘FF’ Chance, Rule 2 (Deployment), Rule 4 (No griefing), Rule 10 (Lethal Force)

Anuv - Player Report: Jimmy ‘FF’ Chance, Rule 2 (Deployment), Rule 4 (No griefing), Rule 10 (Lethal Force)

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Janice ‘Foxy’ Lean

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Accused character name:

Jimmy ‘FF’ Chance

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 2 (Deployment), Rule 4 (No griefing), Rule 10 (Lethal Force)

Description of the incident:

I was on the ground at LV-624 as SO this round and it was starting to approach the end of the round. Hive was just wiped in NE caves and queen was killed but there were still at least 10 hostiles per bioscan. Containers was mostly secure but it was still the front, as runners and lurkers were still harassing the beach.

At that point I overheard IO Estella Kanagawa starting to report on the intel channel that an OT was stealing the queen’s corpse - which was very odd, as the queen was killed in hive not long before her callout. I found this even more odd also considering that I was at the front (central barrens/beach) and the entire beach was still an active combat zone/front. She stated multiple times over the radio the OT was planning to destroy the queen’s corpse. This was again repeated on Command, and I believe the CO (Alexander Balakhara) said for the OT to stop.

I asked where they all were and she said containers (again the front, active combat zone).

By the time I came over I saw OT Jimmy 'FF Chance, IO Estella Kanagawa, and around half a dozen others standing around the queen’s corpse. There were two custom C4 charges planted (I think one was on a second xeno beneath her but I definitely saw two charges) and everyone was standing close around. As I continued to approach I saw that Jimmy was being aim mode’d at, and was then shot. At that point the C4 immediately exploded, killing/bringing to crit about half a dozen Marines from what I saw, and myself (I did not die but was probably at 190 damage before I was treated). The charge(s) had incendiary and explosive contents, some people were burned. The queen’s corpse was also still completely intact.

Upon reviving there were others that came over including CO Alex, all trying to understand what happened. The OT replied he was trying to destroy the queen corpse to “send a message to the xeno menace” which is, needless to say, zero justification. A queen corpse is a huge boost to both Intel points and Research and - even if the round seemed to be winding down - it wasn’t over. The hive could have come back and there was zero justification to not only destroy it but steal it from an IO and then try to destroy it.

The OT also stated that the IO “shot the C4” which I know is mechanically impossible, and a blatant lie, and I imagine the logs will show that a signaler or timer was used. I think this is important to highlight if logs show that it was used as an excuse for what happened/blame for the explosion was shifted to the IO.

I believe the IO acted well within her rights to try to stop harm (C4 being used around friendlies for zero justifiable reason, at an active combat front, and not being used to breach/secure an area). An OT was at the front far away from ANY secure zone, trying to destroy a rare intel item (queen corpse) for absolutely no reason, and also ignoring direct orders from a Lieutenant officer to stop. Given the danger she likely saw with how many Marines were nearby I believe she acted correctly, as the OT then exploded it with no thought to the others standing close by.

Specific to the rules:
Rule 2. Deployment. Shipside Crew, where authorized to deploy, must remain in secure areas. The only secure zone in the entire colony was the FOB, far to the southwest.
Rule 4. No griefing. C4ing a corpse around friendlies with zero justifiable reason.
Rule 10. Lethal Force. Escalation, Lethal Weapons. Multiple Marines were crit/killed by the C4.

I’m also going to very strongly state that if Estella did get any punishment that Rule 10 (Lethal Force) clearly has a defined exception for “Exceptional Circumstances” - and I believe Estella acted completely within her right to try and stop what she (correctly) judged as serious imminent harm to multiple people around her for zero discernible IC reason by someone who was not allowed to be at the front per OOC server rules. I hope that whatever may have happened to her is corrected given the circumstances that a simple FF log can’t reflect or justify.

I am asking for a staff manager to look into this as I believe that I was griefed, the OT blatantly griefed for no reason, and Estella was possibly wrongly punished for a correct exceptional escalation call against someone who was ignoring OOC rules, IC orders, and was set to harm/kill other players as they so did.


Logs admitting it was done “to send a message”:

Another log claiming that the IO shot the C4 and triggered it, which is mechanically impossible, and possibly repeated to staff:

I had a warrior corpse and the queen c4’d, c4 doesn’t destroy bodies as it is impossible to gib xeno corpses. The round was over, the area was safe. I was alone and planted the C4 a marine came up to me and asked if he could detonate it, I gave him the detonator. Marines gathered around because they wanted to watch, I warned them that the explosions were big and to back away and they did. Then IO freaked out over nothing(bodies cannot be gibbed) and having a little fun at the end of the round and began shooting myself and the marine who were unarmed. The staff member and I talked during that game and the next game after that and it was handled then. Here is the footage that I have.

The round wasn’t over until long after the entire incident and the logs will prove it. The area wasn’t safe, there were at least 10 xenos left when I approached and barrens were unsecure, I saw a runner as I came over to investigate. The only secure area was the FOB.

Your footage shows that you were at the front and taking a queen corpse from an IO with intent to destroy it and ignoring her orders. Regardless if that’s possible or not, as someone with zero IC justification and also breaking OOC deployment rules as an OT, you were clearly just trying to grief her.

Most importantly: you and the other guy are visibly assaulting someone at the front with zero cause. Shoving someone down at the front like that and then stealing their weapon is an instant IE exception for anyone at any point.

If you want to get technical, the announcement said one unknown life form left. I’m sure it will be shown. My footage shows that the IO opened fire first with his rifle, we disarmed them because they opened fire at the literal first second of the video for no reason then they shot and injured a marine “Solomon Goodman” at the 04 second mark, so we disarmed them because clearly this IO is unhinged. The Marine tosses the IO’s rifle away which then in turn the IO takes out their pistol and shoots the marine and myself. They run out of ammo, RELOAD, and then mag dump the marine again. I already had those xenos c4’d I was dragging the bodies AWAY from the marines as you can clearly see.
Edit: In addition, you can see the Marines are watching from a distance interested and even are shocked at the IO’s outrageous violent outburst by one marine saying “Shots fired” and another trying to get them to stop by saying “Hey.”.

I watched the C4 be planted on the queen, and at least 2 OT C4s were planted for sure. There was no reason for the OT to be deployed to the front at this point, as it was NOT round end, let alone to explode the queen’s corpse with OT C4. In addition, I saw the questioning happening between the CO at the time, Alexander Balakhara, and the accused, and he did in fact lie about the OT C4 being shot by the IO. It is MECHANICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to shoot C4 to make it detonate, and I share anuv’s questions of whether he tried to pass that into the ahelp. He handed the detonator off to a random player without caring about if they’d blow multiple marines up, which they did.

I believe the bit about there being 1 lifeform left is when he was being questioned by the CO, however. I do also believe he was never properly punished for this, though it doesn’t help that there were multiple EORG cases during that round, one of which was DURING the CO’s questioning of him, as some other unrelated griefer came and gunned the CO and others down with an M2C.

It’s early morning so I’m going to wrap this up. I went down to the FOB to assist in the defense, handing out my OT grenades, rebuilding cades, and setting mines. Plenty of witnesses, I even killed a face hugger sneaking into FOB. You cannot dispute the fact that OT have been down in the FOB assisting. They announcement for one life form left and the front line being the caves basically meant round over for me and I could finally have fun with my explosives I cooked up all round. I had the corpses all alone, marines came up because they wanted to watch. One marine asked to detonate the C4, I showed him how and told everyone watching to back away. The CO didn’t really know what to do with me, to be fair. Doesn’t help he was Mc2’d. The C4 being shot clearly, was not the case, that is not even a mechanic in the game I’m pretty sure. It’s all RP and the consequences of gunning down a marine standing on c4 and a detonator in their hands.

To recap: C4 doesn’t destroy bodies, so shooting marines because they will destroy the bodies and not get intel points is false. All marines present wanted to see the explosion and wanted to even participate in it so gunning us down for immediate threat to marines is also false. Who are you to say what IC justification I have to blow up xenos and clearly griefing the IO is the biggest stretch that can be made. It is clear that the IO took extreme over the top measures over something that had no impact on the round whatsoever except to have fun and escalated to the point of murder. There is no if and or buts about it. As I said earlier, I was already reprimanded for rule 2 by staff and accept that. Good night, I hope this incident doesn’t haunt your CM experience.

This was already handled in-game by the moderation team at the time for the incident in question and the player had already been sanctioned.