Anuv - Player Report: Roger 'Pizza' Wilco, Rule 4. No griefing

Anuv - Player Report: Roger ‘Pizza’ Wilco, Rule 4. No griefing

What’s your BYOND key?


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Your character name:

Janice ‘Foxy’ Lean

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Roger ‘Pizza’ Wilco

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 4. No griefing

Description of the incident:

I was the only researcher for the whole round. At roundstart MT Roger ran to Research and wordlessly hacked in and hacked my seed vendor to vend illegal seeds while I was busy in hydro. I said nothing in turn. I didn’t really care and was going to ignore it until I realized the doors were left hacked when an OT barged in and demanded chems so I asked for MP Chris Mann who scanned the prints. I said nothing else. He responded and arrested the MT. Chris asked if I gave the MT permission with the MT claiming that I did. I truthfully said I didn’t. That’s all that I was involved with.

Later on an IO informed me of a big delivery at the front desk of research. I was busy at the time and when I checked the desk later on there was nothing at all. I was the only researcher for the entire round and the CMO said he didn’t see any intel. Around that time I saw Roger walking away with a crate. I attempted to search for the docs and vials and whatever was left but found nothing. Given that I had zero papers and vials to work with I was pretty much left with nothing and the round was drawing to an end. I saw the MPs were investigating but still found nothing. At that point I went to cryo and checked by the CL’s office to find that Roger and the CL were seemingly gloating about stealing and hiding all the intel.

Normally I love CL shenanigans but stealing critical gameplay items for revenge (especially when I had little part in the arrest) seems like clear grief to me and goes well beyond any IC stuff.



Thanks to Black Dragon who contacted me to which I complied with to the best of my ability.

So, I am going to reiterate & quote what I said to him with some additions if necessary. 1) “What should I say really? Given the nature of situation, it seems like a interview of CL is at the very least necessary. Again, I will reiterate this is not like shooting up med bay or locking them out of their tools to do their job. Ex. Hacking a vendor is not like hacking a medbay door locked or hacking the seed machine to output electrical pulses to said researcher team. On that front, the severity of how much the hacking of the vendor impacting their role as a Researcher should be considered. How does getting access to contraband seeds affect a researcher’s ability to do their job?” Essentially, the vendor hacking should be thrown out as griefing as there is no impact and the action against it should be considered a IC justification of sorts. Also, please do contact the CL.
2.) “Now, with how much is over line in this sense, but it is starting to sound like explicitly speaking, that anything would be over it if it has to deal with research
At least with what the researcher thinks is over the line.
I do see how they might be annoyed. The idea that some MT decided after they were arrested to hide away some research or sell it off to the CL does sound pretty mean at the very least, but they think that is over the line? What would be under the line for them?
Point I am trying put forward is that if they wield the rules in such a manner, there supposedly needs to be a course of action which is allowed.“ I think the point I make is pretty solid.
3)”Okay. In manners of the server, best foot I can put forward is that all of the research(grant forms, chemical forms, experiments, and vials) was taken. There was no other intel from what I can remember. CL office was the location.
CL then did as he pleased.
Is there any other information needed?“ Essentially, I am willing to come forward, but believe that the actions were justified in IC.
As a last word, you may find other stuff later on in regards to me attempting to deliver a drugged food laced with something that will make the person who ingests it suffer in severe pain. The target person in question was the researcher. Never did figure out who ate or discarded it though.

The issue wasn’t the vendor/door hacking, that was stated to give context as to why the arrest and subsequent revenge came.
The issue was the stealing and hiding of gameplay critical items. It’s no different from wasting all of the CAS budget/hiding CAS items because the other PO pissed you off, or wasting the Req budget on crayons to spite a strict RO, or hiding the command tablet, or wasting Intel points on a useless purchase. A researcher knows if you don’t get intel items you will almost assuredly be of no help/be able to make anything worthwhile.
When you affect a role’s gameplay loop and impact the round as a whole you move past IC stuff into griefing. That’s the whole basis of this report.


A note for griefing is going to be issued against Roger. Avoid stealing mass amounts of intel as a member of the USCM going forward as it critically hampers one side.