Artificial Womb Soldier Pre-Enlistment Overview: Lukas A.W. Bombard

Batch Number:
[Addendum: Certain units within batch 2160Q7 were selectively modified to express specific genetic mutations to potentially improve combat efficacy]

Unit Identification Code:

Unit Designation:
Lukas A.W. Bombard

Primary Instructor:
[Expunged] Saab

Synthesis Completion:

Donor Parents:
[Expunged] Steinmann
[Expunged] Andries

Training Facility:
Orbital Facility B-7, Phaeton-5
Exoplanet - MQ-872

Inspection Date:

Physical Description:
Sex: Male
Complexion: Caucasian
Height: 217.1 cm (7’1")
Weight: 207.3 kg (457.01 lb)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown [Addendum: Greying]

Basic Training
Basic & Advanced Marksmanship Course
Basic Engineering Course
Engineering Specialization: Electrical
Engineering Specialization: Mechanical
Engineering Specialization: Industrial
Gunsmithing Course
Vehicle Maintenance Brief
Extended Survival (Urban)

Service Record:

  • 1/1/2175 - Completion of Basic Training
  • 1/2/2175-6/1/2175 - Extended Field Exercise: Low-Light Performance
  • 6/2/2175-1/1/2176 - Extended Field Exercise: Infrastructure Repair
  • 1/2/2176-6/1/2176 - Extended Field Exercise: Point Defense
  • 6/1/2176-1/1/2177 - Rest Period: Specialization Instruction
  • 1/2/2177-6/1/2177 - Extended Field Exercise: Urban Survival
  • 6/2/2177-1/1/2178 - Performance Review

Medical Record:

The following information is protected by doctor-patient confidentiality laws. Do not release without patient’s consent.


  • Benign Pituitary Adenoma nestled within the sella turcica: Do not remove
  • Hyperpituitarism: Left untreated: Do not correct
  • Acromegaly: Left untreated: Do not correct
  • Myopia: Treated with corrective goggles
  • Chronic Pain: Treated with Hydrocodone

Medical History:

  • 12/1/2159 - Genetic Modification of Embryo: Hyperpituitarism
    [Addendum: Due to baseline stability of the host genome, manipulation of select genes failed to express desirable results. Physical manipulation will be performed once physical fitness is confirmed to ensure desired results occur]
  • 1/1/2160 - Initial Wellness Check
  • Wellness Checks performed Annually past this point
  • 1/1/2165 - Surgical manipulation of the pituitary gland in order to induce adenoma
  • 1/6/2165 - Successful diagnosis of pituitary adenoma
  • 3/27/2167 - Prescription of Vision Corrective Goggles
  • 5/12/2176 - Prescription of Hydrocodone for chronic pain

Psychiatric Notes:

  • Recurrent symptoms of PTSD which resurface 2-3 months following a Medpod wipe.
    [Addendum: Primary cause of PTSD is death of a strong bond. Potentially exploitable to encourage protective behaviors for people they bond with.]

Psychiatric History:

  • Medpod Psychiatric wipe performed Annually
  • 1/1/2165 - Age 5 Mental Wellness Check
  • 1/1/2170 - Age 10 Mental Wellness Check
  • 1/1/2175 - Age 15 Mental Wellness Check


  • Vision Corrective Goggles:
    • SPH: -3.75D/-4.25S
    • CYL: -.25D/-.75S
    • AXIS: 75D/95S
  • Hydrocodone:
    • 10mg p.c. p.o. q.d.

Security Record:

  • 8/14/2171 - Barricaded themselves within their dormitory with a knife, and stabbed anyone who tried to disassemble their defenses. Brigged, Reprimanded, and wiped of psychological damages. Earmarked for Engineering Specialization

Relatively unremarkable if not for their size and aptitude towards engineering. They tend to idolize the people they bond with.
-Instructor [Expunged] Saab

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One of the Delta A.W.'s of all time to be sure.