asskeck - Player Report: Patton 'Hardtack' Moore, "be"

asskeck - Player Report: Patton ‘Hardtack’ Moore, “be”

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

fred gomber

Accused BYOND key:

don’t know, admin closed the ticket

Accused character name:

Patton ‘Hardtack’ Moore

What rule(s) were broken?:


Description of the incident:

dude spammed JTAC radio 10 times roundstart saying “DON’T LAUNCH WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT APPROVAL”. i got mad at him for fucking spamming my radio so told him to fuck off, he said “you better follow orders from now on” and i responded “yes, sir. i apologize”

i was loading CAS. i saw delta marines boarding Normandy so i asked over COMMAND radio, ten times, to please tell me whether or not I was to rappel these marines. commander refused to answer for 10+ minutes. the CO apparently said “LOAD IT!!” a SINGLE TIME, NOT over radio, in a flurry of chatter of 20 marines on my ship, while i was actively engaged in loading. lol. so i was planning on loading rappel anyway, as is default for Normandy, so after finishing my ammo loads I move with my mech toward the rappel and… the commander WORDLESSLY shoots me 7 times in the head and orders me to be permanently morgued.

i ahelp. the admins tell me to suck shit, not their problem.

they then permaban me for daring to insinuate that clearly they’ve got personal investment in this issue. because why is this absolute 0 fucking escalation “”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“'battlefield execution”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”"’ (in the first 20 minutes of the round, in the fucking hangar) any different from a marine shooting up req. protip: it’s not.

don’t care about “being calm” in player report. i made a deadchat comment toward the admins’ personal investment in this issue only AFTER the admin “Silencer_PL” went on a rant in deadchat about me, the PO, being a crybaby wahhh, and insinuating i did literally ANYTHING to instigate this. interesting it was the same admin that permabanned me.


sorry, got banned because i dared ahelp an issue, can’t provide!!!

Heya! You’ve been permabanned because you accused the staff team of grooming people. Given that, no one is going to waste their time on this. I hope you fare better in your next venture. Denied.

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