AstridGaming - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - LynxSolstice

AstridGaming - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - LynxSolstice

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Behavior involving Misconduct

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As I understand it, sometime during round the admin(s) in question had sent the CIC an empty box of HEAP ammunition, then sent up an empty box of HEAP magazines accidentally leaving one magazine in the box after sending it. This was taken by the CO to my knowledge with usable HEAP ammo. I am not entirely aware of the COs deployment movement or what time the deployment was in coordination with certain losses the hive took.


“C: LynxSolstice: A little minor point, all the HEAP was detonated except for one box. The HEAP mags were meant to be sent empty and to be unfillable but Marines like stealing stuff” - immediately after round

The marine in question was the CO Thomas Neumann.

Thomas Neumann | TheGamer01 — Today at 6:25 PM
My honest opinion is that nothing would’ve changed if I didn’t have HEAP

Solstice ‘Sol’ Montagne — Today at 6:22 PM
We sent up boxes of ammo, then blew them up.

Then we sent up empty mags as a joke, and the CC still had ONE BOX, so the CO loaded the mags up and deployed -in Discord


This was filed wrong. No misconduct was done. The event just had round impact when it shouldn’t. I deadmined - after deciding to not help with the event that i deemed “likely to cause rgief” - and played IO. A while later I heard an announcement - the only communication we had from them in a while - from a drunk 2nd Lt from CIC as - apparently - CIC had been blown up.

Minor events are to remain outside of regular gameplay and avoid round impact. Round impact - from what I heard - did occur.

so this would be filed as Violation of Event Protocols?

Misconduct is for using mod powers to grief/troll, or toxic behavior somewhere as a member of staff. This would be filed as Violating Event protocols - if what you’re complaining about is the event going beyond it’s scope.


So the event in question was requested for authorization and it was authorized.
I agree that the event was a bit out of scope for a minor event and did spill over into becoming a major event.

This is more of an internal staff thing though. I think lessons were learned and I’ll try to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.
Looking through the logs I dont see any misconduct done by LynxSolstice during the entire duration of the event, nor do I see any violation of event protocols besides the event growing out of scope during the round.
So I’ll be denying this staff report with no action taken against Lynx.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs