Avalanchee - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Moonshanks

Avalanchee - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Moonshanks

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:

round prior to 16735

Your character name:

Runner FA-L

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

Moments before hijack and my deletion, as a planetside larva, who bursted out of a nested marine & rested in the hive, I spot two marines who missed evac, completely abandoned, roaming around our hive where I am resting and waiting for evo.
Both of them are injured as well - one being mrdadman (another manager, which is probably what prompted this investigation in the first place but I won’t go digging into that.) the other one being Ashley “Bestie” May.

At this point I am at 40 something out of 60 evo points, almost ready to evolve.
I choose to pursue the marines, (not further than 2-3 screens from the hive core if that’s so important to people investigating this) hiding underneath resin doors & making completely sure I am NOT spotted and killed, because that is by definition, the core thought of the rule regarding tier 0s - trying to prevent xeno pop drain by intentionally suiciding & poking around the frontline with no clear intentions in mind and getting killed on accident

I wasn’t doing either. I was deliberately trailing two marines, making absolutely sure I do not get killed because I wanted to jump them as a runner. That was my intention and everyone who watched knows it.

By trailing them I essentially mean that I was on the edge of their screen in complete darkness, crawling underneath resin doors and other obstacles.
I wasn’t using the larva to recklessly get close to them as fast as possible and never once put myself at risk during this 20 second interaction.
I wasn’t hit a single time, I wasn’t pointed at a single time and I wasn’t, to my knowledge, mentioned by them Icly a single time either. Seconds later I evo into runner and start fighting them.

At that point I start getting PM’s about “front lining and scouting” and subsequently get deleted by the hijack.

  • The rule explicitly states survivors as a role, not marines who are left behind.
  • I didn’t suicide and didn’t waste my slot by getting myself killed on accident.
  • 2 marines abandoned after hijack poking around the caves with no clear intention, just waiting for the round the end, is considered a marine frontline? since when? who drew the line?
  • It does not affect anyone in the round.
  • I asked a handful of staff members after the round and they wouldn’t consider this an issue.
  • It’s end-game and I am about to get deleted anyway yet I choose to play carefully, making absolutely sure I do not get killed and get noted for it? low blow dude lol.

This is the second time someone, arguably an experienced xeno player with no intention to waste the larva slot (which was in my case about to get deleted within a minute because the DS was boarded), was noted for a similar thing this week and I find it absurd because nobody has ever been noted for trailing abandoned marines as a larva since I started playing this game because, let’s be real, it happens almost every single round after hijack. People do this to preds as well and don’t get noted, ever.

So why start enforcing something which never needed enforcing now?

I just want the resolution of this report to set a precedent over this “heavy warning needing issue” so when I eventually do get permabanned again other regular players won’t have to fear being given a reprimand for a rule that they are by all means actively aware of and subsequently waste their time on the forums.


Note in question:

Heavy Warning: Scouted two marines as larva repeatedly getting close to them. Usually frontlining as larva is a ban. Larva are not recon castes do not use them as such. by moonshanks (Admin) on *2023-05-06 20:33:42

Queen wasn’t informed about me doing so by Moonshanks either and I assure you nobody ahelped.


I don’t believe holding the view that you will get perma banned. Not believing that a warning will be the reason you’ll get perma banned, is productive.

The clarification does only state survivors, but it also states that “larva is not a recon caste” something you were explicitly using it as.

I believe the fact that it only states survivors is an oversight, the intent behind the ruling, and the way I’ve seen it enforced by other staff (including heads and managers) is to stop larva being used for scouting.

At the time of the incident I was sitting in a VC with staff (which is what we usually do while moderating). Amber reported the situation to me via VC as they were actively running from xenos and couldn’t stop to make an ahelp. They had seen you follow them as a larva which meant you were way to close.

Not wanting to act without evidence, I then jumped to amber, saw you in the same chamber as them darting back under a resin door.

If as a larva you are outside the hive, pursuing an enemy, and you are close enough to be spotted by said enemy you are definitely without question using larva’s to scout.

If you had died during this endeavour it could’ve been a 3hr ban. But since you didn’t, I decided not to issue that punishment.

I hope that explains everything.

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Resolved - Denied, reporter no longer welcome on CM due to violations unrelated to this report.

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As far as the allegation, there have been an uptick of questionable larva tactics. Including another report about the similar thing. We’re gonna discuss it in management and probably come out with a rule clarification.

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