Barricade ideas for Survivors and more...

My idea is to revamp the appearance of barricades for Survivors specifically. Basically I find it strange how all of the barricades are uniform across the board, like a random nobody on a colony can build a perfectly formed almost pre-fabricated looking barricade like the marine tech’s can build.

With limited materials on the colony and such as well, it would make more sense to be able to only craft makeshift looking cades, especially for non-engineers.

Also I think Survivors shouldn’t be able to upgrade cades in general, if they’re makeshift. Which I suppose could cause balance problems, but I think in general it won’t make much of a difference, if it does it’s a good thing as it should be more challenging for survivors in general.

My primary idea is to give a new appearance to the Survivor specific built barricade to a more “make-shift” appearance.

*Here’s an example of what I mean, not good but you get the idea * -

Another idea is to basically give all the barricades across the board a “map specific” appearance - Urban, Desert, Jungle, Snow, Standard ect.

Here’s another example of what I mean, not great too, but yeah. -

Let me know what you guys think.

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I like the sprites, like the RP aspect, dunno about that “cant be upgraded part” survivors right now are basically surviving based on their map and its relative loot, while xenos counter it with either overwhelming numbers or abusing the meta that the devs so do love to aid them with, my issue with this is without brute/acid cades many holds are just impossible because on some maps defender has no counters and he will tear through even brute cades with steelcrest and queens heal.

Love it.

Instead of camoflaging the metal itself, maybe try and give it the appearance that there’s a tarp or net with leaves draped over it?
Urban cades can be more just random things thrown together, as well
This is a good ass idea, though

Good idea my man.