Best grenadier loadout?

what is the best grenade type to carry around, either the heavy grenadier or the grenade kit the regular marines have acess to? is it frag, incend, hornet shell, star shell?

please respond, I like the grenade lifestyle, and would really like to be optimal with it

also, what is the best firing level? over or direct fire?

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Make sure to carry HEFA and HPDP nades. These are essential grenades for the grenadier lifestyle. They will ensure you can secure kills and make xenos salt in dchat.

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where to I get them? only in req?

HEFA I don’t think you can get anymore but I know you can HEDP which is the classic HE nade. Destroys structures and stuns xenos for a bit. HPDP are white phosphorus nades AKA Willy Pete’s, the let out a smoke cloud that lights xenos on fire, doesn’t break structures but is great for lighting a ton of xenos on fire. Usually I just take a ton of HEDP with some incin WP and whatever other random nades I can scrounge. And over fire is usually better because it goes through mobs, so you can shoot behind xenos causing them to get thrown into your lines, direct is only for hornets or batons.

Ban is messing with you, in that HEFA is famous for friendly fire, and HPDP does literal friendly fire and stalls pushes.

While there’s a lot of loadouts you can do: what sets the grenadier apart from other specs and well-equipped riflemen is the ability for a barrage of HEDP to disrupt entire Xenomorph formations. It’s an AOE stun that will mess with most things short of tier threes, and is ideal for breaking congestion in caves and chokepoints.

Trying to use fire makes you a less efficient flamethrower spec, and trying the grenade kit loadout . . . . well, why don’t you just play rifleman, then?

uhuh, got it, HEDP for the win then?

As a heavy grenadier, i would usually ditch the heavy armor, give away my helmet to the scout spec (if i know the scout in question isnt bald ofc), and pack as much HEDP, and OT nades as i can. I prefer light simply because it’s faster, you can dodge better, and you can get away faster, and if the front collapses, you wont be left behind :joy:

Same thing with the PFC kit, i go light armor, or no armor sometimes, with HEDPs. With this loadout, i would just mostly do hit and run attacks, and drag back dead/wounded marines who are dangerously close to the xeno line.

Oh yeah, always fire OVER, do not use direct fire unless you are using baton slugs.

If you want to train your reloading reflex, you can always: play as an MT, get an m79 and a few baton slugs, provoke an MP, then start baton slugging them (renember to set it to direct fire)


HEFA can be found threw devout faith in the Lord of Gib.

Would you like to know more?

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HEDP - clears walls/doors, stuns xeno
Incin - Area denial I.E. defensive
WillyPete (White Phos) - FFes better than HEFA ever wished it could - kills humans faster than they can react - HvH only (honestly should be locked to Req and never allowed unless there’s an event due to baldness of the common marine)
HEFA - laughs in Crusader
Funny Round Grenades: a special tool that will be useful later :shushing_face:
The Spec Grenade Launcher can also use rubber rounds * infinite use as you can pick them back up as long as xenos don’t melt them (DIRECT FIRE OR YOU WILL HIT NOTHING AND LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT [Spec GL has overhead shot or direct fire abilities top of the screen when equipped)

Loadout-1 NadeSpam: equip all Spec gear (VP pistol too), buy 1x stack HEDP (15pts), 1x stack Incin (15pts), OPTIONAL Med visor (15pts) or another stack of HEDP (15pts) if you’re very alert about your health (45/45pts)

Gear slots - back weapon slot: pistol rig with VP78+recoilcomp&reflex,
— belt: GLspec Mk2 nade rig (with 3x rubber rounds and whatever rounds you plan to use LAST),
— backpack: GLspec unlocked nade satchel (nades you plan on using first - generally star shells & HEDP [Drop the satchel when empty to have a slot to holster the Grenade Launcher PvTs might pick it up and learn something],
— left pocket: Medical box pouch (more slots more good) ,
— right pocket: Freespace (recommended options: Manchette, flares-JTAC, or MotionDetector),
— hands: bring a backpack full of preproom free UBGLs + LOCKED GLspec satchel with extra nades you bought (have req drop these to FOB for later or you will be juggling them trying to carry the Grenade Launcher)
— if you manage to live long enough to use all of this than also take ***Black Webbing - extra nade slots, and injectors in your helmet

Rush req, demand Mk1 and all Mk1 AP mags, load AP into Mk1, extras in armor, load all 5 UBGL slots with HEDP, fill every free slot you have with HEDP, take an ammobox in the backpack slot with stolen preproom AP10x24 as full as you can get it

Requires hotkeys Wound xeno, UBGL stun wounded xeno with HEDP, melt xeno with AP

go now, be the that which they fear most


just make sure it isn’t me you are batoning or you mind find yourself dead


PS. WP is great for self-use anti-cap as it doesn’t matter if you’re standing or horizontal, it’s easier to heal burn damage than OD organ failure+toxin damage, xeno can’t get you away from it (2 second fuse), nor can xeno crit drag you deeper on weed to cause perma when you’re insta dead

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Solid Advice. Thanks for posting.

You can’t stop the MT’s. We are doom.The bane of MPs.

You are hit by the 9mm armor-pericing round in the chest!

You are hit by the 9mm armor-pericing round in the chest!

You are hit by the 9mm armor-pericing round in the left arm!

Ouch! That hurts!

You are hit by the 9mm armor-pericing round in the chest!

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Laughs in combat injector

Scout with an M41 Mk1 and as many grenades as he can buy from his vendor is a viable pocket grenadier loadout.

Honestly, I’m a very bad shot, legally blind in one eye, and mostly blind in the other. So no matter the build; I’m essentially running a dedicated team killing build when I start tossing grenades. So I’m glad that this thread has helped me optimise doing so.

If you don’t mind getting noted from admemes, ditch the GL and grab a mk1 with light armor.

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Your strength as a GL comes from your capability of sending m15s, m12s and other high explosives down range fast with a 1s timer.

Only use the UGL on a m41 if you just want your nades to be an afterthought.

Concerning your nades, anything high explosive is good.

HEDPs is easily your bread and butter as it allows not only to stun xenos but also to quickly destroy xeno fortifications and allow marines to push fast without putting themselves in danger.

m15s and m12s are your bigger booms and are most often meant to be used aggressively to take down a tricky target, they can be surprisingly effective against T3s.

AGM-F and AGM-I are finnicky, I do not recommend using them unless you have no other option, AGM-F can be good to use against a retreating queen after she screeches but otherwise it’s better to pack more HE.

Hornets are broken, and even if they weren’t, they are simply not worth to use.

Starshells last nowhere long enough to justify packing them, they waste your valuable space.

Batons despite being the “meme” shell is disappointing, maybe pack 1-2 if you really want to still be able to use your GL after running out of everything else, otherwise, pack HEDP or any other HE nade.

I also like taking a standard shotgun with buckshot/fletchette in my suit slot. Makes it handy when you get close to the enemy. And of course OT nades if you can get them you become a literal terror.