Biolock - Moderator Application

Moderator Application - Biolock

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord username?


What characters do you play on CM-SS13?

Alex ‘Doc’ Crossman

Are you 16 or older?




On average, how many hours are you available to moderate in an average week?

20 minimum, 25-30 average


Do you have previous experience in game or community moderation?

SS13- BestRP (I know I’m ancient), Unbound Travels, and Colonial Marines. Other games: SA on a Half-Life 2 RP server.

Provide any links to any previous CM-SS13 whitelist, mentor or staff applications:

Staff Application: Biolock- Staff Application - CM-SS13

Predator Application: Al' h'chak Setg'in (Deadly Far Sight) - CM-SS13 (Was accepted, but is logged in the denied section for some reason).

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on CM-SS13?

I have not.

Can you actively engage and communicate with the team through Discord?


Final Details:

Why would you like to join the CM-SS13 staff team?

I have always loved the Colonial Marines community and want to contribute to its continued success. Colonial Marines is an anomalous success in the world of Space Station 13, and I want to resume my role as a small part of something truly special.

What makes you a great addition to Staff? (Experienced Tabletop DM, Aliens Lore Buff, Super Organized, etc.?)

  • First and foremost I was an experienced, yet now outdated, staff member on Colonial Marines with a positive track record and a historic community that I imagine (/ hope) holds me in positive regards.

  • I have a decent education grounded in analytical thinking that helps me excel at interpreting, enforcing, and extrapolating on standing policies and rules.

  • I have a military background which helps me approach certain in-character issues with a deeper level of understanding than someone who finds the world of Colonial Marines to be totally outlandish and incomprehensible.

  • I am a dungeon master for a few groups of people. This has given me a great deal of practice in dealing with player disagreements and also in hosting events.

  • I love the Alien universe and while I wouldn’t consider myself encyclopedic about the world, I was knowledgeable enough to contribute to the original wiki as well as be accepted on the first round of predator applications.

  • I have a calm and compassionate temperament. This will tie into the next question.

In your opinion, what is the most important quality of a CM-SS13 staff member?

I believe the most important qualities of a CM-SS13 staff member are empathy and the desire to do good (Two qualities).

The CM staff are nothing without their players, our whole purpose is to promote and protect the enjoyment of our community. In dealing with players, rulebreakers or not, it is imperative that they are treated with respect and understanding. If a player needs to be punished to preserve the enjoyment of the majority players, then he/she/they should be punished with a hand that does it because it has to, not because it wants to. The best staff member is the empathetic staff member who does their best to preserve all that is good in the community.

Anything else you want to add?

I left the Colonial Marines community with a heavy heart. I did not leave because of burn-out nor did I leave because of drama; I left because I had enlisted and was leaving for basic training. Through the military, I went through a training pipeline that kept me away from SS13 and Colonial Marines for around two years, and by the time I was able to play games again CM was a distant but fond memory. I was anxious to return to Colonial Marines because of how much had changed; I would stop in every once in a while to say hello, but had never seriously considered coming back en masse. That was until semi-recently when I decided to just go for it and relearn everything. From the moment I came back to the community with intent, I knew I wanted to contribute again: on the discord, on the forums, and hopefully as staff.

Since I have returned I have have made an active effort to learn the new rules, new mechanics, and new community. I have attempted to help new players or players struggling with certain administrative functions, and have confirmed to myself that helping players is still my favorite part of being on the Colonial Marines server. I still have a lot to learn, but I hope that those of you who have come to know me or knew me in the past will consider entrusting me again.


I remember crossman/biolock, nice dude. def good mod material

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I appreciate your vote of confidence SK!

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Biolock was a great mod back in the day. Recently, I’ve seen him multiple times on discord and IG helping people around.

I’m sure he’d do good as a mod again.

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yea biolock I do think they would be a great person for a mod role, as he was a mod he would already know a lot, I do think it is worth taking him back in, He is very active on discord and the forums!

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Thanks guys! It means a lot to me that I’ve left a positive memory :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey there! Thank you for your app! I’m pleased to welcome you back to the CM Staff Team! :cookie:

Please have DMs on Discord open, I’ll be reaching out shortly to get you set up with perms/trainer.