Bipod rework

So the Bipod is great on paper, it gives great stuff and is cool to use… The problem is that due to the sheer amount of dent-headed jarheads playing at one time and the inherent amount forced displacement that comes with high pop, it is literally unusable.

So I very strongly suggest that using the Bipod should make the user unmovable by intent displacement (but allowing grabs or knockbacks) or make them traversable just like when lying on the ground.


Solid idea. Having to re-setup ever other second is awful.

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Should still remain pushable by xenos, but ye otherwise solid idea. Can probably just copy the recent runner nerf and bugfix for fireman carry code for easy implementation.
Some mini icon overhead indicating bipod would be cool too so people know whats up and xenos dont run into m41 with SG RoF.

God yes having an icon would be great too. I had thought about it after posting but was too lazy to re-open the thread since I was going to bed lol

tbh both M2C and M56D users are not pushable by xenos and I don’t think it was ever a problem (the problem with M2C is that it turns). Actually we can just copypaste effect from manning M56D and it will be fine.

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I recently was in that section.
You can’t really just copy that.
The machine guns are objects anchored to the ground on their own.
The game kinda moves you into the object location.
It’s not you becoming unpunishable it’s the machinegun being not pushable and you moving into its location.