Black Flag#2823 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Black Flag#2823

What is your Discord ID?
Black Flag#2823

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Total Ban Duration

Reason for Ban
You were warned in SS13: Colonial Marines Official for: User violated rules by posting a short clip detailing the instructions to the construction and manufacturing of a homemade “letter” bomb. Such actions/discussions are deemed unacceptable by Rule 2 within CM13 discord rules aswell as Discords TOS. Punishment issued: Perma ban. Signed by: PrivateAtom // Cosigned by: ito726

Link to previous un-ban appeal(old forums posted 1/10/23)

I am making this appeal in hopes that my past transgressions have been forgiven. I would like another chance to be apart of the community. It is impossible for me to make applications because of this ban. It was silly of me to do and I promise not to post anything like that in the future. I posted the meme in regards to OT and then thought better and deleted it. I’ve been in this community since 2019 and have had no other major problems. Please consider accepting this appeal. Thank you.

Appeal is assigned to the discord team for review

The discord team has put their thoughts together and we’ve decided that not only do you understand why we banned you, but have also made progress in understanding why not to repeat. We’d be glad to have you back in the discord. Appeal accepted :slight_smile:. Add me on discord @Frog#6006