Blackburn.A - Player Report: unsure of what name for what, but: Jillian 'Cafe' Valentina, Caragh 'Car Bomb' Tone, Cassius 'Santa' Klaus, Thomas West, Khalif 'Mike' Jordan, Lethal Force/Murder, Marine Law from the XO

Blackburn.A - Player Report: unsure of what name for what, but: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina, Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone, Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus, Thomas West, Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan, Lethal Force/Murder, Marine Law from the XO

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Giovanni Osterweis (ERT)

Accused BYOND key:

aceofspuds, kitsunemitsu, vispain, redted54321, koi-slls

Accused character name:

unsure of what name for what, but: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina, Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone, Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus, Thomas West, Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan

What rule(s) were broken?:

Lethal Force/Murder, Marine Law from the XO

Description of the incident:

I was deployed as the ICC Liason with some marshals to investigate illegal activity via Black Market purchases from the Quartermaster. I roleplayed out the evidence gathering and informed the XO of it. In addition, I informed the XO of the complicity of his officers in the illegal acts, violating regulations. I ordered the quartermaster arrested as I had nearly a dozen forms for illegal goods. A staff officer, Valentina, was detained due to her interfering with the arrest as well as pestering the marshals.

The QM came to the dock where we had landed (the CE had played off any involvement but stole our shuttle to blackmail us into letting the prisoners go.

When I got free, the XO ordered both myself, the Interstellar Commerce Commission Corporate Liason as well as the marshals dead because “I fuken hate those guys”.

I ran to the docking port to try and get out while I could, where I found 2 marines and the Staff Officer Valentina in a shootout with the surviving marshal, Osborn Joyce. We fought back, but we were killed.

Later on, the Chief Engineer (Thomas West) admitted in dead chat to meta-gaming us, including deliberately walling us into the docking port.

I do not know who killed the other Marshal, named Richard Turner.


XO’s order to kill, with no real justification

Initial chat log saved

Updated chat log with Thomas West admitting to meta-gaming

As far as I understand it, this was resolved in game already on my end.

Honestly, I’m even surprised you are pursuing this. I’m sure the admins were involved during it too.

I’ll repeat what I told the admin (I think Backsea) as well as some additional stuff.

Buckle in. Probably 95% of this is my own perspective and context. I might get the details on the ICC’s or aCOs justification wrong. This is just as I understood the situation and my sequence of events, In Character.


  • I was a medic. Light armed and not looking for any big fights. For most of the round in fact, I had been planetside doing medic things (aka barely looking at chat). In this particular round I even survived the collapse of the front and the encirclement of our Triage. I was really hoping to live this operation lol.

Then the following happened, pretty quickly, and basically at the same time. Again, this is all from my perspective.

Rough Timeline from my perspective

Part 1. The Hijack

  • This occurred at nearly the exact same time that the hive, which has soundly defeated us, hijacked the DS and started to come up. We moved to Red Alert.

  • Side Note: During Dropships crashing on the Almayer, we move to Delta level Alert.

Part 2. The KoS Order

  • I hear over comms briefly that the ICC Liaison did something. I can’t even tell you I knew what he did but I think it was for arresting/kidnapping the SO during the hijack. I’m not even sure if he had the legal right in ML to do that lol nor did I care at the time since it wasn’t my concern (See: The Gym sect.). All I knew was that the XO had it with the man and what was viewed as unreasonable, hostile behavior and a Kill on Sight order was given. I didn’t intend to seek him out - I was a medic - and wanted to live.

  • In the logs there’s probably even evidence of this. Initially I harm intent pushed a table over in the upper ship intending to hide under it and evac pod escape. I also, think, got into a locker in prep. But then I figured that was dumb and wandered off.

Part 3. The Gym - Aka Why I Was Where I Was

  • At almost the same time as the hijack and KoS order, I heard over comms somebody begging for help after being beaten in the gym and basically left for dead. Knowing we had hijack going on, I decided to go see what that was and try to help since I’m a medic and it was possible no one was going to save them.

  • I enter the gym and see evidence of a fight via the blood on the ground. I follow the trail of blood into maintenance and then suddenly

  1. The Staff Officer
  • (cont.) I see the Staff Officer being dragged by the ICC Liaison. This is when it gets even more chaotic. The SO is begging for help. I pull my gun so fast I don’t even have it wielded properly. I attempt to intervene and am peppersprayed. While on Red Alert. While the xenos are literally coming up in a few minutes. While a SO is being, from my perspective, taken hostage and kidnapped without authorization while on Red with imminent Delta Alert. By someone with a KoS order and in the vicinity of the blood trails.

  • At the same time there is a marine behind them attempting to intervene. I’m peppersprayed in the process. I’m not even sure when that was frankly relative to the gunfight. It went by so fast. Maybe 5 seconds fast total. A gun fight erupts.

  1. The Shootout
  • After this it becomes remarkably simpler. The ICC and the assistant have a hostage - the SO and drag him into the port room. They even used him as cover a bit and did not attempt to negotiate just as we did not. Meanwhile, we all know the xenos are now onboard and limited in time.
  • A shootout erupts with them hiding in the starboard landing zone and us in maint. The SO is killed first. Followed by me and the ICC’s assistant in a semi-mutual kill. It ends with the marine killing the ICC Liasion.


TLDR Conc. Why would I, a marine medic, allow a marine Staff Officer who I presume is being beaten to be kidnapped by you (the ICC Liasion) on Red/Delta Alert during the middle of a xenos hijack and general evacuation while you have a KoS order on you by order of the aCO because you committed a frivolous arrest?

  • You arrested the SO for reasons I did not understand. Hearing your report now, I understand why you did it - but at the end of the day you still were arresting someone for a minor/optional crime (or even a non-crime) on Hijack. I will remind you also that “pestering” is not a crime in itself (no matter how annoying an officer may be during an arrest lol) and alertness levels were increased. MPs in similar situations have encountered the same situation when conducting frivolous Hijack arrests with loose authority.
  • You got a Kill on Sight order, because you took the SO while on Red Alert during Hijack.
  • I saw you dragging a Staff Officer off in the same area there was a ton of blood trails, implying you used some sort of lethal or potentially lethal weaponry, such as harmbaton. There is a serious risk that you could incapacitate me - which would result in xenos killing me. Which, I remind you, you and your buddy ended up killing me.
  • We were on Red Alert - then Delta Alert due to crash, with evacuation time limited. There is not time for lengthy negotiations, superiors are unable to be reached, and from my understanding I am witnessing a Staff Officer be kidnapped by people with a KoS order. If I am to have any chance to evac and save the SO, dire action needs to be taken.
  • The InCharacter Legality (aka - backseat quarterbacking the legality of an arrest): The arrest of the SO was out of your jurisdiction, without the lead and permission of the aCO, and during an active crisis. Even if you had a MP with you in that event, it is unlikely they would detain and arrest the individual for a minor-crime during hijack or sign off for you to do it just as the aCO refused to accept such a thing.

From the wiki on Law Enforcement, Investigations & Jurisdiction by the CMB: “Knowing your jurisdiction and reach is an important part of this team. Non-USCM suspects should be transferred to the CMB, and vice versa. You should only be conducting on-the-spot arrests if you are residing on a colony or otherwise under the direct jurisdiction of the CMB. Anything that is outside of your direct jurisdiction, ie a USCM vessel, should be following the lead and permission of the host faction - and if you are not accompanying/assisting a host-faction’s law enforcement officer, you should have complete permission and a warrant before considering any arrest or detainment. The exception to this is if not detaining a particularly dangerous individual would lead to a life or death situation. However, even in such cases, the detained individual should immediately be handed over to the host faction based on jurisdiction at the nearest moment.”

Maybe it’s different for the others but I only know my own situation and the situation of the marine near me. I don’t see where any rules were broken. In Character was maintained within the context of a chaotic overall situation.

Apologies for the length.


Hello, I’m Jill Valentina.
I will mention that this was dealt with in round, the XO was given a heavy warning and I was spoken to about it.

This is a long log-dive, so please bear with me.

Reminder that I am interpreting logs, I lack true in-game context or recordings ergo I am making a best case effort to ascertain the truth. If you believe I have missed something, or have mis-represented any information that may be important to your side of the story, please contact me via Discord.

I’ve crafted a general outline of what occurred this round and the actions of all aforementioned players.

As a top-level summation of events as I can decipher them. All logs are posted below.

  • From my investigation it appears the ASO, CE and SO were involved in protecting the QM, and req department, from being investigated. Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston the Executive Officer (Koi_slls) and other command staff were not involved in this active affair, albiet the XO was very disinterested in the events.
  • The CMBs and ICC Liaison arrived onboard the Almayer to investigate black market purchases made by the Quartermaster Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan (Redted54321) and cargo personnel.
  • The Chief Engineer Thomas West | - Herotitan772 seemingly attempted to wall off the shuttle area, but these walls were deleted by an admin.
  • Staff Officer Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina (Kitsunemitsu) intervenes on behalf of the QM by attempting to delay the CMBs while the QM hides. The ASOworks with the SO to try to remove evidence and hamper the investigation.
  • The SO contacts the CE to request they attempt to wall off ARES to prevent the CMBs gaining access, though the CE appears busy with his ulterior attempts to wall off the shuttle.
  • Separately and without the SO’s knowledge, the QM attempts to gain access to ARES for the explicitly stated purpose of preventing the CMBs/ICC from gaining any knowledge of the black market crime from ARES. They are denied access by an attending Working Joe.
  • Virtually everyone involved barring the regular Marines and the QM meet somewhere to discuss the situation (XO, SO, all CMBs, ASO, CE).
  • The ICC/CMBs present evidence of black market operations which the command staff (barring the XO) attempt to dismiss. The CMBs also note how the SO is carrying a ‘suspicious device’ which the SO attempts to also dismiss.
  • The XO is quite disinterested in the affair, he requests proof from the CMBs but then does not respond when given proof. He orders the CMBs to “catalogue” their evidence and leave, whilst also stating he does not care what else happens. The XO then delegates this matter to the ASO.
  • The ASOasks the Marshals to collect their evidence as directed by the XO.
  • The CMBs move to arrest the QM. The ASOdemands they release them.
  • The CE steals the CMB’s shuttle, holding it hostage in exchange for the CMB’s to cease their investigation, though the CMBs notice the ship is gone, they seem to not notice the CE’s demands.
  • There is a confrontation between the CMBs and the SO resulting in the non-lethal arrest of the SO.
  • The ICC Liaison and the CMB Marshals are separate from each other, and the Liaison is detained by the QM. The QM leaves to alert the rest of the crew regarding the Liaisons location, but a third party releases the Liaisons
  • Whilst being detained by the Marshals, the SO askes the XO to authorize the execution of the CMBs/ICC. A few minutes later, the XO orders their termination without any warning.
  • The ASOtries to get the Marines to avoid firing on the CMB’s but can only communicate this via radio, but the SO who is present with the Marshals directs nearby Marines to attack and terminate the CMBs.
  • At this point the hijacked Alamo crashes into the ship, it does not stop the following events.
  • The situation devolves into a gun fight. The results of the gunfight are in rough order…
    • Rifleman Tone first the first shots. Tone is very haphazard with their fire and generates a lot of FF incidents.
    • CMB Deupty Turner is killed by Rifleman Tone.
    • SO is killed by friendly fire from Corpsman Klaus and Rifleman Tone (they shoot them a near equal amount of times)
    • CMB Marshal Joyce is killed by Corpsman Klaus
    • Corpsman Klaus is killed by ICC Liaison
    • ICC Liaison is killed by Rifleman Tone
  • This leaves Rifleman Tone the last man standing. He proceeds to recover the dead bodies of the SO, Corpsman Klaus and retreat.

Involved Parties, Ckeys provided only for individuals whose ckeys are already known, all others are omitted.

Player who has lodged this report.
Giovanni Osterweis | Reporting Player | ICC Liason - Blackburn.A

Players being reported by this report.
Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone | Reported Player #1 | Rifleman - AceOfSpuds
Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina | Reported Player #2 | Staff Officer - Kitsunemitsu
Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus | Reported Player #3 | Corpsman - Vispain
Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan | Reported Player #4 | Quartermaster - Redted54321
Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston | Reported Player #5 | Executive Officer - Koi_slls
Thomas West | Reported Player #6 | Chief Engineer - Herotitan772

Other players relevant to this report.
Osborn Joyce - CMB Marshal
Richard Turner - CMB Deputy
Willem’Chese’Van De Redder - Auxiliary Support Officer

Following logs are sorted in chronological order unless noted otherwise. I have filtered out roleplay or non-vital logs to keep this as short as I can.

Shortly after CMBs are announced, the CE states their plan on the Req channel

[2023-10-09 04:14:31.012] SAY: Thomas West [Req]: Dont worry.
[2023-10-09 04:14:36.553] SAY: Thomas West [Req]: They will have issues.
[2023-10-09 04:15:00.618] SAY: Thomas West [Req]: The marshals might have… um… difficultys.
[2023-10-09 04:15:18.189] SAY: Thomas West [Req]: Hehehehehe.

The SO, QM and CE discuss the incoming situation, they plan to block off ARES and hide evidence of the black market

[2023-10-09 04:15:20.598] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [Engi]: CE to req.
[2023-10-09 04:15:37.029] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: What the hell did you guys do.
[2023-10-09 04:15:49.676] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: QM.
[2023-10-09 04:15:53.134] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: I’m going to buy you some time.
[2023-10-09 04:15:57.532] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Don’t use Comms.
[2023-10-09 04:16:06.104] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Go with the CE and block off Ares, I think that’s what they’re after.
[2023-10-09 04:16:25.737] SAY: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan [1]: Clean up these weapons
[2023-10-09 04:17:59.173] SAY: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan [General]: Req is closed
[2023-10-09 04:16:15.941] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [Engi]: CE to req, it’s actually urgent.
[2023-10-09 04:16:19.633] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Then clean it up.
[2023-10-09 04:16:33.477] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [General]: The CE authorized it?

[2023-10-09 04:16:49.796] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Okay CE a word in private without the redshirt here?
[2023-10-09 04:17:00.410] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Req is gonna clean up.
[2023-10-09 04:17:04.032] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: I need you to wall off Ares.
[2023-10-09 04:17:05.632] SAY: Thomas West [1]: The marshals.
[2023-10-09 04:17:07.726] SAY: Thomas West [1]: Cant come in.
[2023-10-09 04:17:10.810] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: And then make it seem like there’s no ares.
[2023-10-09 04:17:14.192] SAY: Thomas West [1]: They are on their ship.
[2023-10-09 04:17:14.291] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: It’s just in case, you know?
[2023-10-09 04:17:17.269] SAY: Thomas West [1]: They cant board
[2023-10-09 04:17:14.192] SAY: Thomas West [1]: They are on their ship.
[2023-10-09 04:17:17.269] SAY: Thomas West [1]: They cant board.
[2023-10-09 04:17:23.299] EMOTE: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina : gives a weak thumbs up

The CE continues to talk about their efforts to block off the shuttle with walls on the Command channel. I am unsure if they think they trapped the CMB's on the shuttle or they are simply denying them access to the shuttle now that they are onboard

[2023-10-09 04:17:27.860] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: Because they didnt ask.
[2023-10-09 04:17:42.357] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: You can ask nicely.
[2023-10-09 04:17:47.528] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: And maybe ill let you in.
[2023-10-09 04:18:03.077] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: Thats assuming there is an open port.
[2023-10-09 04:18:33.744] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: Please leave a message coppers, and we will get back to you in… i dunno.
[2023-10-09 04:18:36.838] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: Never.

An admin deletes the walls, and the CE responds to this in-game

[2023-10-09 04:19:10.616] SAY: Thomas West [General]: So rude.
[2023-10-09 04:19:19.327] SAY: Thomas West [General]: Walls dont normally vanish.

The SO finds the ASO and starts to talk about walling off ARES, but is interrupted by whom I suspect are the CMBs

[2023-10-09 04:17:34.706] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: ASO.
[2023-10-09 04:17:36.946] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: An Idea~~.
[2023-10-09 04:17:45.867] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Let’s wall off the Ares and pretend like it doesn’t exist.
[2023-10-09 04:17:49.320] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: And be like.
[2023-10-09 04:17:51.624] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Oh.
[2023-10-09 04:17:53.701] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Hi!

At the same time the QM tries, and fails, to gain access to ARES.

[2023-10-09 04:18:38.630] SAY: Working Joe #4996 [1]: How can I help you?

[2023-10-09 04:18:41.116] GAME: ARES: Access Ticket ‘[0x2104ff74]’ created by Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan and Details of ‘to prevent the law from accessing the CORE’.

[2023-10-09 04:18:46.444] SAY: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan [1]: Let me in
[2023-10-09 04:19:34.452] SAY: Working Joe #4996 [1]: You’re not allowed in there.
[2023-10-09 04:19:46.581] SAY: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan [1]: You better let me in tere
[2023-10-09 04:19:49.213] SAY: Working Joe #4996 [1]: There’s no need for this.
[2023-10-09 04:19:50.014] SAY: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan [1]: Or else
[2023-10-09 04:19:56.979] SAY: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan [1]: Open up

The QM seemingly leaves after this, and states this on the radio.

[2023-10-09 04:24:28.726] SAY: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan [Req]: All cts are to refuse to answer any questions posed by CMB officers

This section is quite long, its the big discussion between all the main parties minus the Marine players. I’ve had to segment it for ease of following.

Inital conversation, mostly the SO and the Marshal having a boasting match

[2023-10-09 04:18:22.693] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: The QM didn’t do this.
[2023-10-09 04:18:32.178] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: It was done without the QM’s knowledge.
[2023-10-09 04:18:37.493] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [1]: Were you aware that an illegal modification had been made to your devices?
[2023-10-09 04:18:52.253] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [1]: I have blatant evidence of the crimes committed by this department
[2023-10-09 04:19:21.983] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Blatant evidence how?
[2023-10-09 04:19:39.286] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [1]: The category is literally called BLACK MARKET
[2023-10-09 04:19:40.806] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: That’s not proof of anything.
[2023-10-09 04:19:51.622] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Black market direct order.
[2023-10-09 04:19:51.377] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: The papers were photocopies
[2023-10-09 04:19:54.395] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: A prank on the MPs.
[2023-10-09 04:20:03.493] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: It didn’t work because they’re new.
[2023-10-09 04:20:16.218] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: As well as this.
[2023-10-09 04:20:26.223] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Doesn’t get more evident than this.
[2023-10-09 04:20:27.207] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: It was a software error that loaded up the black market tab.
[2023-10-09 04:20:33.516] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: What is that supposed to be?
[2023-10-09 04:20:33.554] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: A black market device directly ordered.
[2023-10-09 04:21:00.204] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Don’t act all silly with me, bogeraooo!
[2023-10-09 04:21:06.786] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: I’ve been on this job for twenty years!
[2023-10-09 04:21:08.871] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Seen plenty of that!
[2023-10-09 04:21:12.134] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Now you shut your mouth!
[2023-10-09 04:21:19.546] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: That is not what it is!
[2023-10-09 04:21:21.720] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: YOu sound
[2023-10-09 04:21:21.519] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Command]: Captain, it appears your command officers are involved in the blatant regulation violations
[2023-10-09 04:21:21.298] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Excuse me, do you know who I am!?
[2023-10-09 04:21:23.494] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: COMPLICIT!
[2023-10-09 04:21:27.354] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: In this illegal activity…
[2023-10-09 04:21:29.267] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [Command]: Hmmm (CKEY: Koi_slls) (JOB: Executive Officer)
[2023-10-09 04:21:30.139] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?
[2023-10-09 04:21:34.059] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!
[2023-10-09 04:21:35.498] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: GAHAHAHA!
[2023-10-09 04:21:40.088] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: I AM…
[2023-10-09 04:21:46.370] EMOTE: Osborn Joyce : stops for a second for dramatic effect.
[2023-10-09 04:21:46.702] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: I’m Lieutenant Jillian Mary Valentina, USCM.
[2023-10-09 04:22:22.253] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Osborn Joyce of this sector’s glorious CMB Marshall’s high sheriff department!
[2023-10-09 04:22:00.347] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [Command]: At the very least, your Auxiliary Support Officer, the Chief Engineer, the Quartermaster and one of your staff officers is attempting to justify the violation
[2023-10-09 04:22:09.869] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [Command]: What violation?
[2023-10-09 04:22:14.639] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [Command]: There’s no violations here.
[2023-10-09 04:22:22.964] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: Now your saying i did something wrong.
[2023-10-09 04:22:28.343] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: Now thats interesting.
[2023-10-09 04:22:33.050] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: I hope you have proof.
[2023-10-09 04:22:36.117] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Now.
[2023-10-09 04:22:37.716] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: The device
[2023-10-09 04:22:50.958] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: I will strip it from you if you do not comply.
[2023-10-09 04:22:56.690] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: You look like the kind of guy who can’t tell his ass from his elbow
[2023-10-09 04:23:04.968] EMOTE: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina : holds her hands in front of her, not menacingly
[2023-10-09 04:23:07.183] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Listen man.
[2023-10-09 04:23:10.967] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: I know what this thing does
[2023-10-09 04:23:13.411] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: See, let me show you.
[2023-10-09 04:23:13.793] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: Does it say all our names on that?
[2023-10-09 04:23:19.244] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: Cause that would be weird.
[2023-10-09 04:23:20.569] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: You are not interfering with an investigation, are you, 2nd Lieutenant Jillian Valentina…?
[2023-10-09 04:23:24.346] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: I havnt ordered shit.
[2023-10-09 04:23:33.166] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Sir, I’m only telling you whats going on.
[2023-10-09 04:23:34.899] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Here.
[2023-10-09 04:23:46.107] INTERACT: Osborn Joyce tried to remove Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentinas suspicious device (r_hand).
[2023-10-09 04:23:47.096] EMOTE: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina: pulls out the device and presses the screen showing it to the CMP official
[2023-10-09 04:23:48.802] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Damm so like.
[2023-10-09 04:23:49.342] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: See?
[2023-10-09 04:23:55.295] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Hey hey buddy.
[2023-10-09 04:23:56.522] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Seems like…
2023-10-09 04:24:00.588] INTERACT: Osborn Joyce tried to remove Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentinas suspicious device (r_hand).
[2023-10-09 04:24:02.212] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Don’t touch a woman without her consent, CREEP!
[2023-10-09 04:24:03.425] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: We’re getting a bit handsy here.
[2023-10-09 04:24:09.747] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Lay off deputy.
[2023-10-09 04:24:19.098] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: She is pocketing the most damaging evidence there is.

SO drops a little LOOC quote

[2023-10-09 04:24:21.844] OOC: (LOCAL) Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina : you guys are lame, I’m just trying to have a little fun.,

The CE casually mentions they hacked the console, but this seems overlooked by the others

[2023-10-09 04:24:34.026] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: I just unrestricted their console when i was repairing it.

The conversation starts to move back to the investigation, the CMBs present proof and try to take the hacking tool off of the SO, but the CIC officers dismiss the device as some luxery item

[2023-10-09 04:24:04.749] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Command]: To have the computer reprogrammed, you would need someone with in-depth knowledge of how our systems work, the approval of someone with full access to the computer and someone to cover for both of them
[2023-10-09 04:24:23.856] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Proof?
[2023-10-09 04:24:23.835] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: A direct black market device.
[2023-10-09 04:24:27.010] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Pocketing WHAT evidence!?
[2023-10-09 04:24:31.734] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: It’s a fucking touchscreen CLOCK.
[2023-10-09 04:24:31.813] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: I will arrest you.
[2023-10-09 04:24:33.677] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Drop it.
[2023-10-09 04:24:36.931] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: You have no idea what it is.
[2023-10-09 04:24:40.186] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Nah this shits american.
[2023-10-09 04:24:41.659] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: Nothing illegal there.
[2023-10-09 04:24:42.282] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: It’s nothing related to your profession.
[2023-10-09 04:24:45.258] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: I know exactly what it is, it’s a CLOCK!
[2023-10-09 04:24:48.872] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about
[2023-10-09 04:24:54.355] SAY: Richard Turner [1]: Arent some clocks also bombs?
[2023-10-09 04:24:56.678] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: I, an expert on this type of activity, am telling you it is an illegal device correlated to the black market.
[2023-10-09 04:25:20.471] SAY: Thomas West [Command]: I sure hope i dont have to have you investigated for Vicarious Prosecution mr Executive.

The XO gives up and states their order to have the CMB's "collect evidence" and then leave, then they delegate the situation to the ASO.

[2023-10-09 04:25:41.250] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Just catalogue your evidence.
[2023-10-09 04:25:43.137] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: And leave
[2023-10-09 04:25:48.337] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: I don’t care what else happens.
[2023-10-09 04:26:02.350] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [General]: CAPTAIN THE MAN IN BLACK GOT HANDSY WITH ME AGAIN AND THREATENED ME.
[2023-10-09 04:26:05.133] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: I suggest
[2023-10-09 04:26:08.349] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: You shut the fuck up
[2023-10-09 04:26:22.604] SAY: Richard Turner [1]: I mean its just marines
[2023-10-09 04:26:37.361] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [General]: He’s not in a suit, he’s related to the GLOWIES!
[2023-10-09 04:26:47.076] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: ASO
[2023-10-09 04:26:53.714] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: Handle this before i do something stupid.
[2023-10-09 04:27:07.022] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: I’m done with this
[2023-10-09 04:27:13.492] SAY: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston [1]: And get off my ship
[2023-10-09 04:28:10.453] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Yeah they thought a clock was a BOMB. (CKEY: Kitsunemitsu) (JOB: Staff Officer)

The parties seem to leave and the more aggressive events occur.

ICC wants to have the QM arrested. CMBs want to also arrest the SO against the ICC's request.

[2023-10-09 04:27:19.575] SAY: Osborn Joyce [General]: Arrest Jillian Valentina.
[2023-10-09 04:28:07.388] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: Grab all the contraband. I want the quartermaster in cuffs and we’ll depart
[2023-10-09 04:28:16.965] SAY: Richard Turner [1]: I think the qm ran off
[2023-10-09 04:28:22.918] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: We’ll hand over the Quartermaster to the Provost and I’ll hand over my evidence
[2023-10-09 04:29:05.991] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: I want the quartermast arrested, not a staff officer

CE claims the CMBs are shooting the SO, I suspect either the CE is misinformed or the CMBs fired stun guns and missed all their shots.

[2023-10-09 04:29:10.644] SAY: Thomas West [General]: Marshals are shooting the SO.
[2023-10-09 04:29:14.291] SAY: Thomas West [1]: Hahahaha

SO is detained by the CMBs.

[2023-10-09 04:29:29.470] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Jillian Valentina
[2023-10-09 04:29:34.634] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: You were told multiple times of the
[2023-10-09 04:29:41.095] SAY: Richard Turner [1]: Im amazed no marines have shot us yet
[2023-10-09 04:29:49.510] EMOTE: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina : sticks her tongue out at the CMB officers

[2023-10-09 04:29:22.540] ATTACK: Richard Turner stunned Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina with the the stunbaton in the �Hallway Starboard (171,63,3).
[2023-10-09 04:29:24.160] ATTACK: Richard Turner stunned Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina with the the stunbaton in the �Hallway Starboard (171,63,3).
[2023-10-09 04:29:24.483] ATTACK: Osborn Joyce stunned Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina with the the stunbaton in the �Hallway Starboard (173,64,3).
[2023-10-09 04:29:35.876] ATTACK: Osborn Joyce grabbed Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina in the �Hallway Starboard (173,63,3).

[2023-10-09 04:29:53.176] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: You guys are m-mean.

Around this point the xenos commence hijack

Important context, I think the CMBs and the ICC Liaison are separated from each other, this is relevant later.

CE apparently has stolen the CMB's shuttle and is holding it to ransom.

I don’t think the CMBs actually hear the CE’s ransom request but the Liaison does notice

[2023-10-09 04:30:23.057] SAY: Thomas West [Almayer]: Hey marshals.
[2023-10-09 04:30:33.020] SAY: Thomas West [General]: Return our property and ill return yours.
[2023-10-09 04:30:03.533] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: Marshals…our ship is gone
[2023-10-09 04:30:17.077] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: Is there a way to recall it?
[2023-10-09 04:30:47.753] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: It’s not even your property, you ignorant ape
[2023-10-09 04:31:03.048] SAY: Thomas West [General]: I want the QM and SO released.
[2023-10-09 04:31:08.868] SAY: Thomas West [General]: Or you get eaten by aliens.

The CMBs continue to talk to the now detained SO whilst searching her.

[2023-10-09 04:30:02.018] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Significance and importance of the object you held, and yet you attempted destruction of its property by pulling it apart, as well as attemptign to seize
[2023-10-09 04:30:04.560] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: You are coming with us.
[2023-10-09 04:30:08.271] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: I did NOTHING.
[2023-10-09 04:30:10.008] INTERACT: Osborn Joyce tried to remove Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina’s large general pouch (l_store).
[2023-10-09 04:30:14.232] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: You started threatening me.
[2023-10-09 04:30:18.814] SAY: Richard Turner [1]: Tell it tah the juuuudge
[2023-10-09 04:30:26.264] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: You are under arrest of the authority of John Mayer this sector’s circuit judge.
[2023-10-09 04:31:26.509] SAY: Richard Turner [1]: Thats threatening an officer of the law
[2023-10-09 04:30:34.926] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Who authorized our warrant to searc this here ship.
[2023-10-09 04:30:41.380] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: He doesn’t like too kindly the USMC.

At this point, the detained SO requests the XO that they be given permission to shoot the CMBs.

I should note the XO is busy with the hijack chaos at this junction.

[2023-10-09 04:31:11.144] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [Command]: XO let’s just fucking shoot this guy and then call it a day.
[2023-10-09 04:31:20.365] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Are you threatening us?
[2023-10-09 04:31:25.294] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: You did it first, Asshole.
[2023-10-09 04:31:33.406] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: You people SUCK.
[2023-10-09 04:31:39.312] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: I will shoot you next time, that’s a promise.

The ICC Liaison is stunned and detained by the QM.

[2023-10-09 04:31:20.718] EMOTE: Giovanni Osterweis : cries out in pain!
[2023-10-09 04:31:20.719] ATTACK: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan stunned Giovanni Osterweis with the the stunprod in the �Point Defense Starboard (141,82,3). X5 times
[2023-10-09 04:31:21.922] ATTACK: Giovanni Osterweis attacked Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan with �MAR-40 battle rifle (INTENT: HELP) (DAMTYE: BRUTE) in the �Point Defense Starboard (140,82,3).
[2023-10-09 04:31:37.225] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: H-HELP

The QM starts stripping the ICC Liaison, edited out most of the logs.

[2023-10-09 04:31:57.928] INTERACT: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan tried to remove Giovanni Osterweis liaison’s white suit (w_uniform).
[2023-10-09 04:32:01.898] INTERACT: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan removed Giovanni Osterweis liaison’s white suit (w_uniform) successfully.

The CMBs hear the ICC's call for help.

[2023-10-09 04:32:08.407] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: H-He took m-m-my c-clothes
[2023-10-09 04:32:12.539] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: I am i-in the g-gym

[2023-10-09 04:32:07.598] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: She went to starboard side of the ship
[2023-10-09 04:32:12.514] SAY: Richard Turner [1]: That doesnt sound good
[2023-10-09 04:32:12.810] SAY: Osborn Joyce [1]: Find the device there.

[2023-10-09 04:32:14.686] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: MARSHALS
[2023-10-09 04:32:18.292] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [Almayer]: HELP
[2023-10-09 04:32:26.287] SAY: Giovanni Osterweis [1]: HELP!
[2023-10-09 04:32:26.494] SAY: Osborn Joyce [General]: We are returning to the ship with the convict in hand.

The Marshals take the detained Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina with them as they go to find and help Giovanni Osterweis

The XO issues the kill on sight order.

The XO makes no other communications regarding this or discusses it with anyone else.

[2023-10-09 04:32:33.785] ANNOUNCEMENT: Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston has announced the following to the ship: Alright.

  • Kill the marshalls.
  • i fuken hate those guys.
CE responds to this via radio

[2023-10-09 04:32:38.471] SAY: Thomas West [General]: YEAH BOI.

SO encourages/orders someone to fire on the Marshals

[2023-10-09 04:32:40.101] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: XO orders, Private.
[2023-10-09 04:32:41.329] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: Kill them.
[2023-10-09 04:32:47.160] EMOTE: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina : smiles

Skipping some logs, the QM states on the radio the location of the detained ICC Liaison. At this point, a third party individual finds the detained Liaison and releases them from their cuffs, this person is uninvolved in the upcoming events so their name is ommited.

[2023-10-09 04:32:57.949] SAY: Khalif ‘Mike’ Jordan [General]: The ICC rep is unclothed and currently in handcuffs

At this point, Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone and Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus respond to the situation and arrive, resulting in a gun battle.

I’ll be frank, there are a lot of attack logs here, and I don’t think its necessary for me to post the logs of every single shot fired, I’ll post spoken logs and important information.

Deputy is killed by Rifleman Tone.

Tone is the first person to start hostilities by firing on the Deputy and killing them.

[2023-10-09 04:32:53.109] EMOTE: Richard Turner : screams!
[2023-10-09 04:32:47.772] ATTACK: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone shot Richard Turner with a rifle bullet in the �Hallway Starboard (182,81,3). Shot nine (9) times.
[2023-10-09 04:32:57.487] ATTACK: Richard Turner has died to �M41A pulse rifle MK2 at the �Lower Midship-Starboard Hull from Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone

The CE reminds everyone that the CMBs can't leave.

[2023-10-09 04:33:10.065] SAY: Thomas West [General]: They cant leave.

Further shooting continues.

[2023-10-09 04:33:10.170] SAY: Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus [General]: H-HOSTILE NORTH O-O-OF M-MEDBAY

The SO then states that the Marines should shoot through them to hit the CMBs

[2023-10-09 04:33:11.261] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [1]: KILL ME MAN
[2023-10-09 04:33:15.342] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [General]: IF YOU NEED TO KILL ME DO IT
[2023-10-09 04:33:24.927] SAY: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina [Whisper]: H-HA.

The Marines proceed to fire through the SO to strike the CMB, the Marshal only fires one bullet that strikes the SO during this.

[2023-10-09 04:33:07.740] ATTACK: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone shot Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina with a rifle bullet in the �Point Defense Starboard X2 TIMES
[2023-10-09 04:33:16.660] ATTACK: Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus shot Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina with a rifle bullet in the �Point Defense Starboard X3 TIMES
[2023-10-09 04:33:26.710] ATTACK: Osborn Joyce shot Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina with a heavy rifle bullet in the �Point Defense Starboard (142,82,3). X1 TIME

The SO finally dies.

[2023-10-09 04:33:30.473] ATTACK: Jillian ‘Cafe’ Valentina has died to �MAR-40 battle rifle at the �Point Defense Starboard from Osborn Joyce

Same time this is occurring the Liaison is also fighting off the Marines.

Osborn Joyce uses pepper spray on Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone

[2023-10-09 04:33:10.162] ATTACK: Osborn Joyce used a chemicals to spray Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone with chemicals (REAGENT: Condensed Capsaicin) in the �Lower Midship-Starboard Hull (139,79,3).

Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone takes offence to this

[2023-10-09 04:33:29.563] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [1]: I LOVE pepperspray.
[2023-10-09 04:33:38.671] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [1]: KILL THE MARSHAL.

At this point the Alamo crashes into the Almayer, this only temporarily halts the fight which continues once I assume everyone is no longer stunned.

[2023-10-09 04:33:26.511] DEBUG: Alamo deleted an anchored the ladder

The gun battle continues with the Liaison fighting the Rifleman and Corpsman, this continues until the Corpsman is killed.

The fighting continues, Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus dies to Giovanni Osterweis.

[2023-10-09 04:34:40.870] ATTACK: Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus has died to �NSG 23 assault rifle at the �Point Defense Starboard from Giovanni Osterweis

Osborn Joyce is killed by Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus as well.

[2023-10-09 04:34:42.921] ATTACK: Osborn Joyce has died to �M41A pulse rifle MK2 at the �Point Defense Starboard from Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus

Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone complains during the fight of being pepper sprayed earlier

[2023-10-09 04:35:04.045] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [1]: I fucking LOVE PEPPERSPRAY MOTHERFUCKEEEEEEEER.
[2023-10-09 04:35:05.406] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [1]: DO YOU HEAR ME.
[2023-10-09 04:35:07.194] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [1]: I LOVE THAT SHIT.

Giovanni Osterweis is killed by Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone

[2023-10-09 04:35:41.931] ATTACK: Giovanni Osterweis has died to �M41A pulse rifle MK2 at the �Point Defense Starboard from Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone

Tone concludes the fight and recovers the dead.

[2023-10-09 04:35:51.449] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [department]: MARSHALS AND COLLABORATORS NEUTRALIZED.
[2023-10-09 04:35:54.765] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [department]: I got the SO.

He notices Cassius ‘Santa’ Klaus has died and ‘laments’ their death before recovering them

[2023-10-09 04:36:01.315] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [department]: I’m bleeding out, though
[2023-10-09 04:36:40.545] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [1]: Shiet homeyboy.
[2023-10-09 04:36:58.778] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [1]: Uh oh.
[2023-10-09 04:37:20.555] SAY: Caragh ‘Car Bomb’ Tone [1]: Why’d yo ass have to die

There are no further relevant in-game logs. Noted below are the ahelp logs

Ahelp Logs

AHELP #1: Blackburn.A - Backsea.

ADMIN: Ticket #10: Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): the marines started killing us, the ICC and CMB
ADMIN: PM: Backsea/()->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): can you give me any names?
ADMIN: PM: Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis)->Backsea/(): the marine that executed me, Caragh Tone, Jillian Valentine, Cassius Klaus, at least 2 marines that killed the other marshal
ADMIN: PM: Backsea/()->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): yeah im DMing the one i saw shoot you and jillian
ADMIN: PM: Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis)->Backsea/(): The XO also ordered us all killed because “I fuken hate those guys”. I ordered the quartermaster arrested for the amount of crime occuring under him. I wanted to hand him over to the Provost with my evidence. Instead, they all chose to murder us. In addition, the CE stole our shuttle, the quartermaster use a handmade stunbaton to beat me, cuff me, and strip my clothes
ADMIN: PM: Backsea/()->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): there seems to be a bit too much going on to handle for me, especially since im overseeing a event, i thin kthe best route would be to player report the indivuduals
ADMIN: PM: Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis)->Backsea/(): then I’ll need all the relevant CKeys
ADMIN: PM: Backsea/()->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): aceofspuds, kitsunemitsu, vispain, redted54321, those are the ones i see in logs attacking you, the round ID is 18995, best of luck
ADMIN: PM: Backsea/()->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): need anything else?
ADMIN: PM: Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis)->Backsea/(): nope

AHELP #2: Blackburn.A - Backsea and JarekTheRaptor.

ADMIN: Ticket #13: Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): Sorry, but what was the CKEY of the XO? I need it for my player report
ADMIN: PM: Backsea/()->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): koi_slls

JarekTheRaptor then replies.

ADMIN: PM: JarekTheRaptor->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): what would the player report entail exactly?
ADMIN: PM: Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis)->JarekTheRaptor: The XO gave the order for all 3 of us to be killed, which he didn’t have a valid reason for besides ‘I fuken hate those guys’
ADMIN: PM: JarekTheRaptor->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): Who are you three; the CMB?
ADMIN: PM: Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis)->JarekTheRaptor The ICC Corporate Liason and 2 marshals
ADMIN: PM: JarekTheRaptor->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): Right then, this sounds like something I can look into
ADMIN: PM: JarekTheRaptor->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): So whats your side of the story here
ADMIN: PM: Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis)->JarekTheRaptor: I was deployed as the ICC Liason with some marshals to investiage illegal activity via Black Market purchases from the Quartermaster. I roleplayed out the evidence gathering and informed the XO of it. In addition, I informed the XO of the complicity of his officers in the illegal acts, violating regulations. I ordered the quartermaster arrested as I had nearly a dozen forms for illegal goods. A staff officer, Valentina, was detained due to her interferring with the arrest as well as pestering the marshals. The QM came to the dock where we had landed (the CE had played off any involvement but stole our shuttle to blackmail us into letting the prisoners go. When I got free, the XO ordered both myself, the Interstellar Commerce Commission Corporate Liason as well as the marshals dead because “I fuken hate those guys”. The marines cornered us in the north lower dock and killed me as well as the surviving marshal
ADMIN: PM: JarekTheRaptor/->Blackburn.A/(Giovanni Osterweis): Right, thank you, waiting on the XO’s side here

AHELP #3: JarekTheRaptor - Koi_slls (The XO).

ADMIN: PM: JarekTheRaptor->Koi_slls/(Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston): I have been asked to ask you on why you ordered the deaths of the ICC and the CMB marshals
ADMIN: PM: Koi_slls/(Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston)->JarekTheRaptor/: Jarek, ICC and the CMB were mildly pissing me off. I don’t like 'em. They were being the intrusive marshalls they were and pestering req along with wanting to arrest a bunch of personnel. I thought it would be some revenge or something to say they were free game when evac hit. In truth. not the best thing to do. any problems? sorry i type slow.
ADMIN: PM: JarekTheRaptor/(->Koi_slls/(Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston): Ah I see, well…
ADMIN: PM: Koi_slls/(Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston)->JarekTheRaptor/(: i understand if there’s like a ban or warn or whatever. i’m not gonna get pissy over it.
ADMIN: PM: JarekTheRaptor/()->Koi_slls/(Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston): Ordering the deaths of the ICC/CMB for doing their jobs isn’t something I can let slide, yeah. I understand that they can be annoying their entire job as a role is to be annoying but you can’t demand they die
ADMIN: PM: Koi_slls/(Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston)->JarekTheRaptor/()): Alright cool. Will remember that. Now what?
ADMIN: PM: JarekTheRaptor/())->Koi_slls/(Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston): One second
ADMIN: PM: JarekTheRaptor/())->Koi_slls/(Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston): I’ll leave it up to a heavy warning that you please don’t do something like this again. especially as an XO, your voice carries weight and if you use it to kill people that annoy you it’s not gonna go over well
ADMIN: PM: Koi_slls/(Craig ‘Crabby’ Jesston)->JarekTheRaptor/()): k. I’ll add on that the ICC was insulting Craig by mentioning the losses in the operation that just happened. which were. severe it’s your job. i should probably sleep. my head might not be on all the way…

Ahelp closed

Added report:needverdict and removed report:pendinglogs

[I’m going to be honest, from my perspective, this whole situation and the report related to it is the result of incompetency from every single person involved, including myself.

However, this whole situation falls under roleplay, as far as I’m concerned.
Here’s my series of events:


My character’s entire deal is that she’s an airhead.
Her medals she says she stole off corpses, she panics a lot, and she’s just all around a little goofy, but also quite competent all things considered
Earlier in the round, I mentioned to the XO, offhand that we should shoot a guy for a minor crime (I might have said this over comms?)

(Note: I played a handful of rounds this day, and it was months ago, so my memory is hazy.)
Critically, I then LOOC’d the XO to ABSOLUTELY NOT shoot whoever I was talking about at the moment, and that it was just a bit I’ve been doing for multiple months as an offhand joke.
I was very clear to not indulge in this antics of mine, in case that he wasn’t sure what marine law was.

Everyone called me an idiot, some people got a laugh. I do this to lighten the mood and check everyone’s ML knowledge. It’s never my intention to actually shoot anyone, as evident by the LOOC that I give to the captain.
Again, I played a couple rounds of SO that day, I might have done the same thing to another captain, as this is a long-running joke of mine.

Stupid? Maybe. However I have done this over the course of 6+ months with members of CM staff in CIC and have never been told to stop. I have just been called stupid every single time, and everyone has a little laugh. Making an offhand recommendation as an SO to her Senior Officers to shoot someone for minor crimes is obviously both a joke and not serious.

The Incident

The round drags on and we get into the FOB siege, we have 3-4 SOs, and we got the req notification. I requested to assist with them as the XO didn’t want to, and he agreed.
The CE, ASO and QM were doing some goofy things, and I thought I’d enjoy a little bit of scheming too. I was basically useless up in CIC as this point, as we were full and in FOB siege.

We roleplayed back and forth with the CMB for a total of 10 minutes. Standard goofy hijinx, no one was hurt, we spoke back and forth, enjoying the wacky roles and situation. The CMBs were kinda into it, all the officers were into it. It was a nice roleplay moment of an officer that had a gadget and no idea what it did.

This is when the situation changes from goofy roleplay to having serious issues.
The CMBs moved in to make arrests. I was under the impression OOC that the CMBs were NOT allowed to arrest people because of their wiki page which states:

Colonial Marshals are UA Law Enforcement Agents / Investigative Functionaries. UA Colonial Law and Earth Law are what come foremost. The CMB should be handling crimes, especially with the ICC, involving smuggling, black market activities, and corporate corruption/cover-ups. They shouldn’t be enforcing Marine Law unless the following criteria is met: 1. The CMP/aCO has requested it, 2. The Colonial Marshal believes its in the best interest of the CMB and 3. The CMB Office at Anchorpoint Station(admins) does not intervene to change this decision.

Of which the above 3 criteria were not met, the aCO did NOT request it.

Knowing your jurisdiction and reach is an important part of this team. Non-USCM suspects should be transferred to the CMB, and vice versa. You should only be conducting on-the-spot arrests if you are residing on a colony or otherwise under the direct jurisdiction of the CMB. Anything that is outside of your direct jurisdiction, ie a USCM vessel, should be following the lead and permission of the host faction - and if you are not accompanying/assisting a host-faction’s law enforcement officer, you should have complete permission and a warrant before considering any arrest or detainment. The exception to this is if not detaining a particularly dangerous individual would lead to a life or death situation. However, even in such cases, the detained individual should immediately be handed over to the host faction based on jurisdiction at the nearest moment.

Nor did they have permission or a warrant. It was not their jurisdiction, and I was not an active threat to them at the time. Despite what they said, “John Mayer this sector’s circuit judge.” Is not a valid position to give warrants. I was also taken back to their ship and was not handed over to the host faction

As far as I’m concerned, this is a step from a funny, goofy situation about reasoning with a dumbass to someone trying to illegally arrest me, so I obviously resist.

Post Hijack

I KNEW we were in hijack and that our lives were in danger, and here I was being searched while still on the almayer, so I ask the XO if we can order to shoot him. Keep in mind the fact that I made jokes about this earlier, as well as the fact that I was illegally arrested, not only was I illegally arrested, I was in a dangerou situation due to hijack. If this was MPs, this would fall under the Emergency situations clause, and I would either be escorted quickly, or let free.
I was not escorted quickly, I was searched while still on the almayer with no ways to leave to the CMB area

This is when the chaos happens.

The XO orders a KOS, because these CMB goons Illegally arrested an officer, and were keeping them during hijack, Which was partially my fault, but again, I did tell the XO not to take my requests for shooting anyone earlier in the round.

When marines see the CMB, I call out to them to shoot the CMB as according to the XO’s KOS order, and they gun us down.

At this point I was pinged by Backsea. They have asked me to give my side of the story, I gave it.
I probably (Again, 2 months ago) asked them if I was in trouble, in any case, they waved it off.
I assumed that it was dealt with in round due to this, and therefore should not have gone to a player report.

Overall, escalation standards were held. An officer was illegally arrested by people with no jurisdiction to arrest people, and broke multiple rules about it, and they were shot down because they were endangering the life of said officer during hijack.

Heya! Sorry for this report sitting for a while, I’ll be honest and say that every time I looked at all the logs and stuff it kinda made my head spin.

Anyways I think I should be able to resolve it.
As a general thing I am going to be approving this report. The entire situation shouldn’t have happened the way it did and that is down to the actions of numerous players.

  • I do not see any fault in how the medic and rifleman acted. The XO declared the CMBs hostile and they were acting on that. Taking the SO being kidnapped into account I find their actions entirely acceptable.
  • The Executive Officer has already received a heavy warning for this situation so I wont be taking any additional action against them.
  • The Chief engineer would be getting a note for LRP/Metagaming. But Herotitan772 is already receiving a permanent ban for unrelated reasons.
  • The ASO is also on the verge of getting a note for LRP here. I’m going to not take action since its not really conclusive if the ASO was actually getting involved with the black market at all. But as ASO you SHOULD NOT be doing black market stuff. You’re the third highest ranking officer on the ship and shouldn’t be diving straight into the mega-illegality that is the black market.

Added report:approved and removed report:needverdict