bobbyroylee - Player Report: Sweet Water, MP - Breaking Marine Law

bobbyroylee - Player Report: Sweet Water, MP - Breaking Marine Law

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Roy Lee

Accused BYOND key:

Asked admin, he said “unknown” was okay.

Accused character name:

Sweet Water

What rule(s) were broken?:

MP - Breaking Marine Law

Description of the incident:

MP, Sweet Water, arrested me for DTGP but put me in jail for assault instead. Which is 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes. He also refused to talk to me the entire time. I had no appeal. Some higher-up (also the witness) showed up and TOLD him that he had said to charge him with damage to government property but he ignored it and left it as assault instead.

edit: I was pretty heated when I made this post but I dont think he should be banned from MP or anything, I guess I meant for this to be more like maybe on record. Honestly I would delete this if I could because I think it’s more important to have an MP that is at least trying to do the right thing. I didn’t see his logs until the comment below.


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Initial Arrest: Rosco ‘Vagabond’ Pine (Auxiliary Support Officer) orders the arrest of Roy Lee after Roy Lee (seemingly) broke some of requisition’s windows

  • [2023-08-31 07:55:06.230] SAY: Roy Lee [General]: MPs to REQ!!!
  • [2023-08-31 07:55:27.208] SAY: Roy Lee [Almayer]: MPs to REQ
  • [2023-08-31 07:56:36.114] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: Fuck your window
  • [2023-08-31 07:56:39.174] ATTACK: (Roy Lee) has been AoE flashed with flash by in the �Hallway Port (185,38,3).
  • [2023-08-31 07:56:51.984] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: Fuck you
  • [2023-08-31 07:56:55.982] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: And fuck your little bitch in req
  • [2023-08-31 07:57:00.266] SAY: Rosco ‘Vagabond’ Pine [1]: Arrest this man.
  • [2023-08-31 07:57:02.084] SAY: Rosco ‘Vagabond’ Pine [1]: DTGP.
  • [2023-08-31 07:57:02.594] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: MP!!!
  • [2023-08-31 07:57:04.295] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: Help me
  • [2023-08-31 07:57:04.577] ATTACK: (Sweet Water) attempted to handcuff (Roy Lee) in the �Hallway Port (182,41,3).
  • [2023-08-31 07:57:06.745] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: I called for you

Roy Lee is brigged for Assault

  • [2023-08-31 08:00:11.852] OOC: (LOCAL) Roy Lee : I hope you are aware that if you dont follow marine law exactly right now, that you will run the risk of role ban
  • [2023-08-31 08:00:25.141] OOC: (LOCAL) Roy Lee : Considering there is no charges against me and you’re going to make something up right now, it’s breaking marine law which is server law
  • [2023-08-31 08:00:48.741] : (Sweet Water) jailed Roy Lee for Assault.
  • [2023-08-31 08:00:53.835] OOC: (LOCAL) Roy Lee : LMAO
  • [2023-08-31 08:01:00.361] OOC: (LOCAL) Roy Lee : Good luck explaining that

Adminhelp #1

  • [2023-08-31 08:01:14.013] ADMIN: Ticket #5: (Roy Lee): I was just now jailed for assault when I assaulted no one.
  • [2023-08-31 08:01:22.593] ADMIN: PM: Segrain->(Roy Lee): Make an IC appeal.

Roy Lee in the brig with Rosco ‘Vagabond’ Pine and Sweet Water

  • [2023-08-31 08:02:01.244] SAY: Sweet Water [1]: Boss?
  • [2023-08-31 08:02:10.446] SAY: Rosco ‘Vagabond’ Pine [1]: I done told ya that fella was arrested fer Damage ta government property.
  • [2023-08-31 08:02:17.249] SAY: Sweet Water [1]: You said assult?
  • [2023-08-31 08:02:17.374] SAY: Rosco ‘Vagabond’ Pine [1]: Not Assualt.
  • [2023-08-31 08:02:22.580] SAY: Rosco ‘Vagabond’ Pine [1]: I said DTGP.
  • [2023-08-31 08:02:23.732] SAY: Sweet Water [1]: Fucking
  • [2023-08-31 08:02:38.550] EMOTE: Sweet Water : sighs.
  • [2023-08-31 08:02:46.672] SAY: Sweet Water [1]: Where the fuck is the warden?
  • [2023-08-31 08:02:53.750] SAY: Rosco ‘Vagabond’ Pine [1]: Ain’t got one.
  • [2023-08-31 08:03:03.644] SAY: Rosco ‘Vagabond’ Pine [1]: Just you runnin the show with all but a little help from me.

Adminhelp #2

  • [2023-08-31 08:11:11.679] ADMIN: Ticket #6: (Roy Lee): Am I allowed to ask what Sweet Water’s byond key is? It’s asking for it in the report on the forum
  • [2023-08-31 08:11:44.932] ADMIN: PM: Segrain->(Roy Lee): You can always leave it as “Unknown”.
  • [2023-08-31 08:11:52.835] ADMIN: PM: (Roy Lee)->Segrain: Oh okay, thank you

Roy Lee and Sweet Water talk (presumably still in the brig)

  • [2023-08-31 08:14:52.303] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: Funny that you’re talking now
  • [2023-08-31 08:14:59.102] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: No appeal and you charge me with the wrong crime.
  • [2023-08-31 08:15:04.155] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: Breaking so much marine law.
  • [2023-08-31 08:15:06.613] SAY: Sweet Water [1]: Sue me
  • [2023-08-31 08:15:09.715] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: I will.
  • [2023-08-31 08:15:11.437] SAY: Sweet Water [1]: Come on
  • [2023-08-31 08:15:13.043] SAY: Roy Lee [1]: Working on it now.


Looking at the logs it does seem like the MP didnt properly change the charges over or release you early when they really should have.
This report is going to be Approved. Sweet Water will be given a warning for not following Marine Law as MP.