Bored so explaining my vietnam event idear in graphic detail

Colony: Trijent dam

Description of event: The CLF have infested Trijent dam to attempt to gain a proper water supply to their troops and to expand their operations to fight against the marines, the CLF are hiding within the colony waiting for the order to capture, they will blend in as colonists and its up to the marines to weed them out

CLF victory condition: The CLF has to Perma kill every SL, Their high command has promised to fund this endeavor as long as they can show success, with every marine dog tag they gather, they will be able to buy bundles of items, whether that is guns, armor, steel, or even mortar kits to help disrupt marine operations. Maybe even CLF reinforcements? They can also Capture specific buildings for a specific time and they will be given more uhh resource points lets call them, of course they have to adorn CLF armor n like.

Marine victory conditions: Marines have two ways of winning, they either have to kill over 75% of clf or capture the CLFs commanding officer, they will be closely watched by the media, causing clf to come fromevery colonist death that wasnt actually clf, three clf for every colonist killed, coming in 15-minute waves.

Colonist Objectives: you will be keeping the colony running, reporting things to marines, or clf, if you see something, and trying to survive, idea so far
Marshalls can brig looters and people acting aggressive, no matter who, if marines caught they can tell command, if clf caught they can try to break them out
Doctors have a obligation to save everyone no matter who
Researchers can (???)
Engineers must make sure the colony is at best quality
Janitors clean, shrimple
Average colonist can ask their CL for job, or just RP
I dunno what else there is tbh

Perhaps there should be a max amount of marines to help make sure the colony feels alive and is fair for CLF, and extra side threats that colonists must defend from, albeit unsure what, I dont know how to make colonists not feel left out really, maybe if colony takes too much damage (admin decision) you can ahelp to form a militia against the faction that did it, and can push to enforce a rule or try to kill them

No OBs (CL doesnt want too much damage ofc)
No scopes
No Suppressors
No Comms besides radio pack (maybe?)
Colonists cannot attack either side without good reason (their brig being raided by CLF or if marines shoot a colonist)

any suggestions, questions, been thinking about this for long while


I don’t think the CLF have a high command, I think it would make more sense for it to be the UPP giving them weapons and tools, like how the USSR gave weapons and such to North Vietnam and the Vietcong.

so either upp or it’d be a captain, but thinking now it should feel looser then, and most idea would work with lore no-less, upp does make most sense though

Maybe the orders are coming from a CLF captain who is trying to win over the support of an UPP Special forces commander.

groundside captain like original idea, with upp as the “high command” instead, captain just cannot be captured, maybe he has to be an obvious clf though and has to hide from marines or make a fob with a small squad of high guards or somethin

Maybe he’s disguised as a CMB or an Extrasolar Colonization Administration Manager, meaning that to arrest/kill him the marines need special permission off W-Y or HC.

I think that would be bit obvious though and them having a secret base would be cool, or them just constantly moving around, orrr that would make it too easy, and they can blend in, and they have to figure it out via capturing clf and with every clf alive and captured admins release a lil more info bit by bit, like his hair color n like

Couple of ideas to make CLF more insurgenty.

  1. They all get some sort of poor quality nightvision (thinking they get a flashlight radius of vision only they can see in the dark).
  2. They can both make, and use tunnels just like xenoes (Think vietcong type).
  3. They can use the V1 tarp, and its coloured aproximatly the same as the normal groundtype of the map(You can pop out of it without the usual stun, and its still semi hidden).
  4. Let them use regular civilian clothing, but not military. They are terrorists after all, so they don’t need a uniform to do their thing.

I think it would make more sense for them to receive ghille, with them maybe recieveing thermal cloaks if the UPP get impressed (it is the kommandos who give the CLF the special gear and not standard UPP troops)

Thats fair, didn’t think about the ghilie suit ability. That is just a strict upgrade in both functionality, and flavour wise.

honestly would be cool, would definitely add a bit to game, but tunnel thing is wyci am sure, V1 tarps would work though for sure