Borer Removal Guide

Borer Surgery Guide

With the rise in popularity of Borers among moderators, here is a guide on how to remove them from infected marines.

Steps 1-3

Same as any other surgery, open an incision with the scalpel, clamp bleeders with the hemostat, and then open it up with the retractor.

Step 4 & 5

Same as if you were doing brain surgery. Use the circular saw to cut the bone, and then the retractor to move the bone aside

Step 6

Use the hemostat and select the experimental borer removal surgery, which will remove it from the patient’s brain.

Step 7

The Borer will be removed from the patient and fall to the floor, but it will not be dead. So, using your choice of weapon, kill the fetus-looking piece of shit before it runs off and infects someone else.

I’ll probably make the surgery injure the borer at the very least. It does stun them when they’re forced out tho

Ah, my bad. Last night with the event it was just, guh. AND WHY ARE THEY SO TANKY. I legit saw it take like three MK2 mags before dying lmao.

Ah. That would have been Warfan1815’s event. By default they’re weak af.