BorisTheLove - Player Report: Kain'Tao, Metagaming

BorisTheLove - Player Report: Kain’Tao, Metagaming

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Issac ‘Perma’ McMatherson

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Description of the incident:

He, as a predator, somehow figured out where i was (I was a survivor hiding in the colony van, inside a locked and electrified garage), to which he then decides to open up my hiding spot, destroy all the light, and suddenly a runner damed HE-HE comes in right after to check it out. He was later spotted checking out all the lockers on the map (LV-624).

This all happaned 23:10 CET circa.


I got told afterwards (I saw something cloaked outside the van, thought it was a lurker so i didn’t notice) by dead chat that the pred (OGBlackFlag) had opened up the garage and destroyed the lights outside. Picture of the destroyed lights (Screenshot - 0a542f51f8992a331fb565bdfaf02954 - Gyazo)

I was standing in the middle of LZ2 where I watched you walk up to see another surv get attacked by a runner and you left them to get capped and hid in the garage. I have thermal vision so I can see what you do even through walls, I saw you get into the truck so I opened up the garage and smashed all the lights and pointed at the van as a warning for you to stop being a coward. It was happen stance that a Runner came by. The ship’s AI states how many people are on the planet, seeing you hide away while your friends go down hiding encouraged me to look for more cowards to duel them. I hope this clears everything up.

Was it a survivor at T-comms? Because both he and I suffered from IB because a CLF started shooting us up. He fell over behind me to his wounds, and i had nothing to help him with, while slowly crawling towards the truck.

I saw litterary nobody else after him, so if you think i abandoned someone else, i quite litterary couldn’t have done anything since i didn’t know anything.

Also, isn’t destroying defences of survivors against the Honour code?

These in patricular:

Predators should not be disrupting, harassing, or causing any harm to marine fortifications. This does not mean that you can’t go near them or even go through them, just that it is a complete judgement call on whether or not you can pass by/through without causing any issues. Predators passing by or through a cadeline should ensure, to the best of their ability:

  • They are not noticed.
  • They do not hurt or hunt any marines inside the fortifications (if you want to challenge a marine inside fortifications, you should beckon them out, if they don’t come out that’s that).
  • They do not damage or disrupt any parts of the fortifications, this includes: sentries, barricades, supply drops, etc.

Yautja are not allowed to alter the environment in a way that would create a route directly to either the Hive or FOB. Yautja are also not to directly alter the environment in a way that would lead to a direct benefit to one side (i.e. blowing up Lambda, blowing up eta, blowing up hydro).

Because you might as well have unshocked my doors, Destroyed my cades or blown up the wall by inviting xenoes in because I didn’t help someone i never saw.

Your defenses were never destroyed. I beckoned you out by smashing all the lights and pointing at the van as myself going into the Van would be a stupid mistake as Gas tanks can be found inside. It was as I stated above, happen stance that a runner ran in. The quote from the HC that you posted is really a large stretch to be applied here. That is mainly for game altering fortification destructions, such as blowing up walls into the FOB or destroying all resin doors to hive. As I said, I saw you leave the other survivor and hide in the Van. From what I saw, you had full health as I cannot hunt people who are below 75%(yellow on their hud). I didn’t metagame and I didn’t breach the HC in my own opinion.

Dead chat conversation after the incident, added since it’s noted as evidence by the reportee.

Dead chat

SAY: DEAD/BorisTheLove/(Issac ‘Perma’ McMatherson) : get shit on hehe
SAY: DEAD/BorisTheLove/(Issac ‘Perma’ McMatherson) : how did you know i was even in there?
SAY: DEAD/BorisTheLove/(Issac ‘Perma’ McMatherson) : who opened the garage?
SAY: DEAD//(Unknown (as Evans’Timeland’Lakashvili)) : pred
SAY: DEAD/BorisTheLove/(Issac ‘Perma’ McMatherson) : wow
SAY: DEAD/BorisTheLove/(Issac ‘Perma’ McMatherson) : pred killed me
SAY: DEAD//(Unknown (as Evans’Timeland’Lakashvili)) : they did

Unless I’m blind there’s no logs for taking out lightbulbs and smashing them as provided in the screenshots but there’s also no reason to doubt this did happen,given Blackflag is confirming it did. Nonetheless, Kain’Tao spends most of the time around the time of the incident going the laugh1 emote periodically, as well as cloaking.

I’ll timestamp the times where the predator was doing that. For reference, Boris exploded and died at roughly 21:06:24

For the sake of logpulling, here's Kain'Tao doing that with timestamps.

[20:56:10.] ADMIN: (OGBlackFlag) joined as Yautja, Kain’Tao.
[20:58:27] GAME: OGBlackFlag/(Kain’Tao) has enabled their cloaking device.
[20:58:34] GAME: OGBlackFlag/(Kain’Tao) has disabled their cloaking device.
[20:58:43] GAME: OGBlackFlag/(Kain’Tao) has enabled their cloaking device.
[20:59:03.503] GAME: OGBlackFlag/(Kain’Tao) has disabled their cloaking device.
[21:00:56.669] EMOTE: Kain’Tao/OGBlackFlag : laugh1
[21:01:55.333] GAME: OGBlackFlag/(Kain’Tao) has enabled their cloaking device.
[21:06:09.966] EMOTE: Kain’Tao/OGBlackFlag : laugh1
[21:06:13.126] GAME: OGBlackFlag/(Kain’Tao) has disabled their cloaking device.
[ 21:06:23.488] EMOTE: Kain’Tao/OGBlackFlag : laugh1
[21:06:27.974] GAME: OGBlackFlag/(Kain’Tao) has enabled their cloaking device.

There’s not much more I can find to add to this - The runner and blackflagOG never directly interacted with eachother in game, and never directly achnowledged the other players presence.

I’d still be happy to shed light on whatever else I need to shed light on upon request, though!

Hey im HE-HE (the xeno who found you), kain’tao did not help me. Xenos can see how many people are in a van by examining it, and it’s often stupid not to. You were found using game mechanics (very easy), not through metagaming or weird honor code breaches. Kain’tao was laughing because it was funny, i think.

A tip is dont hide in vans: they are very easy to check, and almost always checked by xenomorphs. A thing is I even examined the van before I noticed Kain’tao. It’s just THAT easy to check.

The allegation was metagaming, and the log’s and testimony do not show this.
Not seeing anything that can meet the level for us to take action at this time