brambeo (old) (idk what the numbers were after the change) mewhendiscodihateit (current) old account gone, will explain later - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - brambeo (old) (idk what the numbers were after the change mewhendiscodihateit (current) old account gone, will explain later

What is your Discord ID?

brambeo (old) (idk what the numbers were after the change mewhendiscodihateit (current) old account gone, will explain later

What is your BYOND key?


Total Ban Duration


Reason for Ban

You’d have to check my old appeals which I couldn’t find (This is like the 3rd forum change) (I believe the term used was “repeated harassment of staff”)


Well, here we are. 2 (?) years since my original ban. Trial moderators have become admin managers. Every single person that was on the discord team when this happened is gone, short of maybe Grim. I have repeatedly apologized for my sins, and honestly, idk what to even say without it feeling like I’m copy pasting my ban appeal. While “everyone I had issues with or that banned me is banned/cbanned/gone/removed from staff” Isn’t a defense, I do think it’s worth mentioning. Now, while I know my record looks like shit (ex discord volunteer (removed and reinstated like 3 times)) and the fact this ban was for repeated offenses against staff (which is perhaps the worst one possible as it means the chances of me getting unbanned drop because nobody feels like unbanning someone who’s not even going to cause problems for other players but explicitly them) it’s been 2 years. I just want to play CM again. I genuinely apologize for all past offenses, and just want to start on a fresh slate. I think I can say I’ve probably matured in that time, and while it’s not a defense on it’s own, I will say, I don’t really care about CM enough anymore to get worked up over the game. I just want to play and have some fun.

As for the account issue, I used google authenticator and transferred phones, combined with an autologgout from discord because I was away from my PC enough, yeah.
I guess I should’ve listened to that ancient pin that said not to use it.

And finally, I have been playing some CM in the last year and a half since my last note, so the reason I’m clean isn’t just because I stopped playing.

PS: If you want proof I can follow the discord rules, I was discord staff on SCP13 for a year or so on the old account and everything went flawlessly, you can check with staff there.

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After some brief discussion, in which no one really had any opinions on this, I have decided not to lift this ban at this time. Without access to the previous Discord ID, I have to go with what I remember, and none of it is remotely good.

Resolved - Denied.

Added appeal:denied and removed appeal:waiting