Brambeo (old) mewhendiscodihateit (new) - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Brambeo (old) mewhendiscodihateit (new)

What is your Discord ID?


What is your BYOND key?


Total Ban Duration

Permanent :frowning:

Reason for Ban

Perma applied: Repeated harassment of staff in public spaces. This was topped off by a joke that was purposely ambiguous on whether or not it was calling staff child predators. When contacted in DMs they stated that they could not promise to change their behaviour because they may get angry and do the same thing again. On a more personal note, I feel as though you’ve had more than a fair share of chances and your behaviour needs to change, you may appeal in 30 days.- Moonshanks (originally issued Aug 5 2022)


Well, here we are again. My 4th, maybe 5th, Ban appeal?
It’s a pretty cut and dry case. I made a stupid joke involving Predators and staff, I shouldn’t have, it was a stupid decision.
I don’t have any issues with current staff members, don’t see a situation where I would, and even if it somehow did happen I think I can calmly deescalate now.
The note itself says I couldn’t promise to do it again at the time. I can now. Hopefully the fact I didn’t lie back then to escape the ban (which was offered to me) shows my honesty now.

I moderated the F19 discord server with no problems whatsoever.

I’m finally back into CM, and it’s a shame to not be able to talk with other people who play this game, apply for whitelists, see event announcements, hell apply (again) for discord volunteer one day, who knows.


Just realized I put SCP13 on my old appeal which is wrong, it was Foundation 19. Fixed. Oops.

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I don’t feel this is a cut and dry case. I have several memories of you making unacceptable comments to/about members of Staff especially at seemingly any chance you got. I don’t feel very confident in this appeal.

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Hi. It’s going to be difficult for me to try and place those down given it’s been a while and I like to think I’ve moved past that.

In my opinion, I’d say I was pretty pissed off when I was removed from discord volunteer despite having apparently not actually done anything wrong (I think I said one of the devs (triiodine?) sucked or something along those lines, and I got a 2w? Ban that was removed, but I wasn’t reinstated.

From there, I think besides that, which was around a 1y 3/4 ago, the only other major incidents I can think of are a disagreement with TheBiggest (I believed they broke discord guidelines by noting me despite them being involved in a dispute, dispute in question was something related to LRC). And of course the incident I’m banned for.

Those are the specific incidents I remember. I know that I definitely held some general animosity towards specific staff members, but not only are those people gone I no longer have any strong( or weak) anger.

I’ve gotten along with plenty of staff members, some of which I can name and some of which I’ve forgotten, without any issue. (Hell, I remember getting along pretty well with you although maybe I’m going crazy?)

I think the fact I was discord staff with no issues on another server means I can follow the rules.

I think the fact it’s been a year, and that I can make a promise I was unable to back then means I don’t have any grudge, or animosity, towards staff. I’m here for the same reason anybody is. To play CM. And the discord is a major aspect of the game.