brjoaoed - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - Backsea

brjoaoed - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - Backsea

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Elise Heidrich

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What are you reporting?:

Behavior involving Misconduct

Description of the incident:

As MT i took the materials from the Lower and Upper storages (as any and all MT’s do, all the rounds, always, not just myself) and used them for the purpose i deemed fit, be it trading with marines, keeping half with me to repair the Almayer (broken walls, window frames, securing research in case of greenos, etc), i don’t see how my actions deemed fit low roleplay, regarding ‘disobeying orders’ i do follow orders, REASONABLE ones as MT, want the OB loaded ? Sure do, Pilot need his weapons reloaded ? Of course, req need more metal so i should collect from maints ? 'mkay, req need the rappel belts crate transported to normandy ? no problema, but if i choose a shipside role, i will refuse to deploy, period, if i wished to play as Combat Technician i would have joined as one, and we have an IC way to deal with it, arrest for insubordination.

Was a dick move taking the materials ? I won’t deny, perhaps a simple warning such as “don’t be greedy and leave half in the storage” would’ve been fair, but we reached the point of this note that sounds way too extreme in my opinion, and to be honest even now i don’t understand what Backsea had a problem with, if was giving/trading the materials to be used at the FOB, or keeping them and using for repairs, which regardless, in either case it is used properly and up to HRP standards.

Look, i won’t say that i am 100% right, even i admit that hoarding all the materials was too much from a certain point of view, i should’ve left at least half the metal or plasteel, but it isn’t as if i had taken irreplace items, if a MT wish for materials, they can simply go into the maints and gather some, at least is that what i do everytime in which have nothing in the storages.

Anyway, i would’ve filed this as an appeal if i could but since the warning note said player report, here we are, all what i wish for is to have this menacing note removed, out of all my notes, LRP is the most outrageous one, admins talk about roleplay all what they want, but i never get a single fax reply for my well formatted and well made faxes(in general, not this round), yet i receive a LRP note.

In my opinion, this matter should’ve been handled as an IC issue or at least a fair warning to not hoard the materials and leave half.



I gave you a warning about taking the mats, you talked in circles for several minutes when the base line was, “don’t do these set of actions anymore because they’re considered LRP”.

In the following text, if i do sound mad is it because i am, so before anything else i apologize if i sound rude in any way shape or form in the following text.

Backsea, seems that you have a misconception of what is or isn’t considered LRP, so let me quote the rules:

Low roleplay actions that have no regard for your character or the setting (Memes, silly copypaste spam IC) are not acceptable.

Now let me give some examples of what is generally acknowledged by players as low roleplay:

  • A player who join as Squad Leader and remains in silence during the entire round.

  • A Corporate Liaison who disregards his role, get a pulse rifle, deploys and plays as if he is a marine.

  • A Medic who joins as Squad Medic only to get better chems so they can use it to heal themselves and disregards dying marines or wounded ones.

  • A Corporate Liaison who doesn’t take the effort to properly format his faxes nor open the wiki to learn about his role.

  • A Cargo Technician who takes the role only to prepare himself as much as possible for Hijack and ignore marines request and supply drops.

What is considered Medium or High Roleplay that is usually acknowledge by the players:

  • A CL writting well formatted faxes without any grammar mistakes and using lore accurate terms and with a good story under it.

  • A Staff Officer doing overwatch, informing marines of revivable dead colleagues, coordinating with requisitions for supply drops on the pads, and guiding new marines towards where they must go all while speaking formally as fitting for their Rank.

  • A Pilot Officer reporting when he is going up and down, informing his loadout, firemission lenght, and using lore accurate terms such as calling his dropship an AUD-25 model.

  • A CO who takes the extra effort to announce the Tactical Map on his annoucements or informing xenos general location, quantity, and T3’s castes.

  • Communication in general, a large amount of players barely speak during the game and treat it as a PVP game instead of a roleplaying one, as such having some small actions like small talk, Charlie Breakfast, talking about their character life back before joining the USCM, or about other Fleets is considered at least Medium to Heavy Roleplay as per SS13 CM standards.

Now, with such idea in mind, think about it, a Maintenance Technician takes the materials from the storage, communicate with other Squad Engineers in the Engineering Channel, and negotiates such materials with them, reaching an equally satisfying deal for both parties. Also Such Maintenance Technician can choose to keep half of such materials and choose to use them for Shipside Repairs and assist with the USS Almayer repairs as they deem fit, such as making new lights in dark areas, fixing broken windows frames, fixing broken walls, building a whole new area with a construction permit, etc.

In both options, the Materials are being put to proper use, be it for shipside repairs or used by Squad Engineers with their FOB tasks, and to reach such result was needed to communicate, propose a deal,reach a deal, trade the items, and accomplish the deal.

While hoarding the storage supplies may be seen as a ‘dick move’ i would say that it is an IC one and should be treated as such, when a late join MT Joins in what they normally do is check the storages, if out of materials, they collect their own materials from the maintenances in approximately 6 to 8 minutes depending of the round, or they ask Requisitions, it isn’t an unrepairable harm. Perhaps you may have a problem with it, and so do i, but instead of noting players for “Low Roleplay Actions”, i would recommend instead speaking with the Devs and seeing if they can introduce a MT vendor to replace the Upper Engineering lockers instead, so MT’s can have a Standard Issued MT kit with their own materials to avoid such problems in the future.

And that is it… welp, was a long speech, if i sounded rude at any moment in time, sorry, i am mad due to a LRP note, out of all things, Roleplay is what i take the most effort in CM ever, be it well formatted faxes, proper communication, or knowing enough of the Lore, to a point in which i even got a good HRP merit note from it once, and from Segrain nonetheless.


Do you know how many players i know that have Merit notes ? ZERO, look, you can call me many things, and even i acknowledge that i have many defects either, but never a Low Roleplayer, this is something that i cannot tolerate, i have been playing CM since 2018 i think, around 4 or 5 years, ask any player of the community about my character, what you will never hear is “For sure they are a low roleplayer”

Welp, that is it, again, i do sounded quite rude in some parts and i apologize due to it, but i am just human after all, and being falsely accused can be annoying to anyone.


Heya! So I’ve done a quick look through the logs and since everybody agrees on what happened I’m just going to go forward without them being posted if you all dont mind.

Looking into the situation it seems like that round in particular you just took all of the mats from engineering storage and ended up arguing a bunch with the CE about orders, ending with you deployed groundside.
On a surface level that seems alright, and like something that would be an IC issue without OOC action needing to be taken.

HOWEVER looking through logs from some of the other rounds before that one does seem to indicate that you’re trading away all of the shipside engineering materials to the engies to get a combat toolbelt basically every round.
These sorts of things are what I take issue with:
Sep 13, 2023 @ 20:48:37.485 SAY: Elise Heidrich [1]: I will offer 2x stacks of metal and plasteel for a single combat belt, the toolbelt, 15 points (CKEY: Brjoaoed) (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
Sep 13, 2023 @ 16:32:46.015 SAY: Elise Heidrich [1]: Same deal, combat belt for materials (CKEY: Brjoaoe) (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
Sep 13, 2023 @ 15:05:53.591 SAY: Elise Heidrich [1]: One stack of metal and plasteel for a combat toolbelt (CKEY: Brjoaoed) (JOB: Maintenance Technician)

Dont get me wrong, MTs taking some of the materials and trying to trade it with folks sounds fun and it’d just lead to good roleplay both in doing the trading and in the CE/MPs wrangling the MTs who are doing it.
But what you are doing is rushing to get the materials at roundstart, then rushing to the engineering prep rooms so you can give away all of the metal and get a combat toolbelt.

Forgive me for paraphrasing a bit here but you are saying that what you are doing is:

Communicating with Squad engineers, Negotiating, Reaching an equally satisfying deal, accomplishing a deal.

But in reality all of that seems just like a whole bunch of smoke and mirrors to describe you begging engies to spend their points on a combat toolbelt for you. And to make it easier for them to accept your request you are giving them stuff that they would otherwise spend the points on. (mats)
There isnt a fun back and forth, no real attempts to negotiate. Like, looking at the logs you’re not even trying to negotiate a good deal.
And crippling the shipside engineerings materials supply just so you can get a combat toolbelt doesnt seem like something that should be happening.

Anyways to resolve the report. The note seems mostly fine, although you ignoring orders as MT doesn’t really matter so I will just edit the note so nobody can get confused with that.
But yeah besides that small detail this report is denied. No action will be taken against @Backsea.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs