Bryanwe - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - Bryanwe

What’s your BYOND key?


What’s your Discord ID?


Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

Bryan Wendel

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?


What clan are you joining?


If minor: Give your clan lore.

Nhon Lore

Yautja Character Story:

A group of Marines suddenly rush up and start shooting you. How do you respond?

i wold try to stay comficting with they until they retreat or something (i dont would try kill all but just 2) but if i was any disadvantage (low HP or if they called reinforcements or +5 marines) i wold use my plasma cannon (non lethal) and hit then camouflage and go away.

Another Yautja hunted and killed a target you had marked. What do you do?

I wold try to argue with he that was my target if he try to apologize i wold accept with the intention of not doing more that, if he stay doing this knowing, this wold place my honor in risk so i would confront him Probably making a HONOR DUEL

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i dont think ive given you permission to apply for nhon
nhon is not a minor clan either

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This application is automatically denied due to not receiving permission to apply to this clan.

You may reapply in 30 days.

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Added pred:denied and removed pred:waiting