Brygun - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Unknown

Brygun - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Unknown

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:


Your character name:

Brygun McTavish

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

Amid some wonky interactions (more on that in a moment) recieved what appeared to be an admin message

“You have been banned FOR NO REISEN by Frater Ludovicus”

This didnt seem legit and a bit malicious. I tried ahelp at the time and it was promptly replied with a sent to mentors. This wasn’t a message from the mentors.

In Discord Backsea explained this was a “ban hammer” message but not being applied.

As no discussion with the admin was allowed, diverting to mentors, doesn;t seem consistent with staff protocols.

The incident of game play from my perspective was:

= late wake as a doctor
= being fresh out of cyro I have ZERO gear (this matters later)
= while right out of the tube hear an explosion in REQ
= going to req there is a PMC dying with the heart beat symbol showing
= there are green flames all over the ramp
= the grinding of someone dying on the ramp is heard (possible murder by those present like the ASO)
= having no gear I call on the radio and begin moving them toward the medbay
= the intention being to get to the gear or to meet the medical staff im calling for
= an ASO (name not recalled) starts grabbing the corpse from me
= I order them as a doctor to defib now… ASO doesnt
= I keep moving the body to medical… as none of us appear to have a defib
= ASO keeps fighting over body
= ASO call the MPs
= another doctor arrive at req by different path, I advise where we are now
= ASO grabbing and dragging patient continues
= ASO keeps demanding I treat there… and I keep telling him I just came out of cyro and have no gear
= I tell the ASO to drop any gear he has (so that I can use it more proficient in its use than them) he doesnt
= MPs arrive
= that other doctor arrives
= ASO orders my arrest
= even with the other doctor present and MPs the ASO is pushing me around… a doctor
= Turns out ASO had a defib he had been hiding knowledge of
= other doctor also doing care
= MPS include the MW who direct ASO to let us do our job (the two doctors)
= other doctor takes PMC to medbay
= I leave the ASO with the MPs to go to medbay to get my gear (having just come out of cyro)


Is when that fake ban message comes out.

Neither funny nor competent to have sent.

  1. Largely this is a concern of the fake ban message and any staff use of it

  2. diverting the ahelp on this to mentor seems like a dishonest staff dodging screwing around

  3. ASO issues was for that round kinda of him being a twit. Happens in this game. Now so much about the ASO.

  4. While discussing on discord with Backsea they suggest it was LRP and advise option to report on forum, which this is.


I have a jpg of the ban message. Not sure how to send it as this doesnt allow pasting here.

There is no staff member to report here as no staff member did anything. The message is from an item in the game that is sourced from base SS13.
As no staff member is involved, this Staff Report is closed without action.
Hitting someone with an item of which is the intention, and does no damage, is also not LRP (unless spammed or otherwise done so to cause issues), so no action taken on the person who hit you with the hammer.


Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs