Bugs and such

I’ve been thinking of created a doc about some bugs like polio. Just a fun little OOC wiki page or something of that sort. So if anyone has some information about primarily polio and other bugs that have made a fuss. (I only joined in late 2022 so I don’t know a lot of the bugs besides polio :/)

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No idea what polio is but I’ve got two bugs that I’ll list. I know I’ve encountered more but I can’t accurately describe or reproduce them due to their rarity.

  1. The tape recorder in the interrogation room in the brig does not work. You may think it’s recording but upon stopping it, it will say there is no tape data and refuse to print a transcript or allow for playback.

  2. When removing zip ties, the sprite will fall to the floor like handcuffs but you can’t pick them up. Doesn’t always happen but I’ve noticed it quite a bit.

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I’ve encountered those too, but I think the tape recorder thing is just on the table; when you hold it in your hand it should work. I’m not 100% sure of this but I’m decently sure, hell I’ll test it next round and then edit this post afterwards.

From the title I came here expecting cool pictures of bugs like the Diabolical Ironclad Beetle.
Which looks rad as hell and has the coolest name of a bug.

we’re not having any alternative place to discuss bugs other than the issue tracker