Burrower Changes

These are just some changes I’d like for Burrower, I’ve been playing a lot of it recently and I just wanted to put my two-cents on it, these will be both buffs and nerfs in order to make Burrower more focused around tunnel and trap making.

The buffs:

  • Reduce the cost of placing a resin hole as Burrower from 200 plasma to 150 plasma and the cost of filling it to 75 plasma; a single acid trap as Burrower costs half of your entire plasma reserves and with its naturally slow regeneration when not in the immediate vicinity of a recovery-emitter it makes placing more than a few traps an absolute nightmare of waiting - Carriers can also place traps but the main difference is that they can also emit recovery for themselves.

  • Decrease the tunnel making cooldown from 4 minutes to 3 minutes; honestly the cooldown just feels too long sometimes and this is to promote more tunnels being made.

  • Slighty increase Burrower’s plasma regeneration by one tier; easier time making traps.

The nerfs:

  • Increase tunnels plasma cost from 200 to 300; this is to balance out the lower tunnel cooldown by not making it so it’s just a straight buff.

  • Decrease Burrower’s slash damage from 27 down to 22, equivalent to a Drone; the goal of what I want here is a Burrower that’s better at making tunnels and traps - this is to make it so its less valuable to be attacking and not making traps/tunnels.

  • Slightly decrease Burrower’s health down to 475 from 500; Burrower already has 25 armor, this is just expanding on the intent of the last two in making Burrower more of a support backliner.

Why I think these changes are cool and based:

I just feel like making traps is a really big chore that I’d rather completely avoid as Burrower because it just takes so long to make any meaningful amount of traps with the Burrower’s seemingly incredibly slow plasma regeneration, it’s satisfying when you place a well-hidden trap and an oblivious marine walks right into it - making traps more easily made might promote them to be more aware when travelling through new areas more so than they already are(n’t).

I also really like making funny flank tunnels and keeping marines on their toes and the four minute cooldown is probably up there as one of the longest cooldowns any Xeno has (that I can immediately think of) aside from the Queen’s Devastate (gib) which I believe is 15 minutes.


Buff my boy Burrower he did nothing wrong.

I am aware I am schizoposting on main, cope.


Burrower does need some tweaks. The fact that you have a decent amount of rounds where people de-evo after making a bunch of tunnels and leave a burrow slot open all round shows there is something wrong with it. Making it easier to lay traps would definitly be fun. Hell, would even be a posibility for a strain where that thing just specializes in traps. That boy can dig, would be fun if people cared more about the things he can dig besides tunnels.

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