burrower speed

Just saw a burrower pop into the FOB while I was conducting CIC over watch, tackle a Spec, swallow them and burrow out while being shot at by two marines. Is this seriously intentional? The burrow speed is way too fast and doesn’t get interrupted while getting shot.

God gave you UBS to stun burrowers, use it.

a singula r slug :hesrightyouknow:

I swear it’s like people don’t know that marines can stun xenos

Guess from the replies this is intended and I’m just too used to the old burrower that couldn’t solo cap a marine behind a caded line, rip to all the poor bravo out there

One shotgun slug, one point blank shotgun buckshot, one impact grenade.
All three readily available and easy to use options to stun the burrower and punish them for doing something so risky, it’s just that nobody takes them, and that risk is only on paper because of that.

The solution is the always bring a shotgun no matter what

Hicks had the right idea


UBS only stuns point blank, burrowers have this funny thing that allows them to instantly stun anyone close to them, and they can use it while burrowing, so good luck stunning them in time

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Burrowing speed is fine. If it’s any longer every single burrower would die before they could sabotage anything. You’re not supposed to win 1v1s against xenos as a marine, you need buddies to stun and help secure kills.
Xenos are inherently always going to be less popular than the marines, and thus must be individually more powerful.
Competent borrowers should generally not be dying to a single marine, and the burrow speed ensures that.

In the time it takes a burrower to tackle-spam a marine down and vore them, they could’ve easily been killed. It’s on the marines if they’re all alone, or just fluoride staring, not the xeno.