C4xmaniac - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Warfan1815

C4xmaniac - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Warfan1815

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Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

We survivors got the 1% chance CLF survivor spawn, and being the CLF combat synth, I attempted to broker an alliance between the xenos and the CLF to kill a common enemy. After extensive negotiations, we were allied and prepared to work together. After we destroyed our defenses (CLF turrets can’t be turned off), and stepped off, the xenos betrayed us. I only found out due to a prae apologizing that they had to do it. After I was dead, I learned that Warfan decided that the CLF-Xeno RP was irrelevant and cancelled it with 0 warning, completely ruining our round and the cool interactions that we had gotten.

This alliance is easily explainable on both sides, the CLF being willing to do anything to defeat the imperialists, and the xenos being willing to do whatever to get more captures which we promised to help them do (not reviving dead marines). Its ridiculous that organic RP is punished, its not like this was a meta alliance, we only got allied after extensive diplomatic negotiations. This spawn is a 1% chance, and its even less likely to have a synth with you, there was no reason that ‘round balance’ was such an issue for you to destroy what had been negotiated. Xenos occasionally lose upwards of 2/3 of the hive to surv stomp groups, and that’s fine, but 1 round in 1000 the CLF organically get to work with the xenos, that’s the bridge too far. We never get positive survivor-xeno interactions, at least organically, and to finally have it happen and then destroyed for what amounts to no reason is really frustrating.


Check logs, here’s my favorite response and the only one I saved because he clearly took action without actually looking into what was happening:

DEAD: Admin(Warfan1815) says, “I’m not letting the CLF-Xenos NAP exist when marines are on the planet”


I would like it if Frozen was the person to render the resolution of this report. It’s my understanding that Frozen has been trying to get the player base to engage in emergent RP, this is exactly that, and it was shut down.

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You do not get to pick and choose who handles a report. If you report an admin, it will be resolved by the admin manager.

The only exceptions to this rule are;

  1. When the relevent manager declares a conflict of interest.
  2. When the case is open and shut without requiring disciplinary action.

In this case, it’s open and shut without requiring disciplinary action, as all one needs to do is direct you to the rules page which explicitly states ‘Xenomorphs may not negotiate.’ Only exception that being Corrupted Xenos who may pick and choose on the fly who, if anyone, they wish to help.