can military CC fight?

i think we could use managerial clarification on whether or not military CC can fight since the rules state (as an example regarding ‘shipside crew’ conduct) The Combat Correspondent should be documenting the fighting, and should disengage if attacked by hostiles.
but I think this was written in the times before military CC and presumed to refer to a civilian reporter with no combat experience or legal authority to pick up a gun and start shooting.
I really like playing mil CC like full metal jacket Joker (occasionally I frag but I still do all the quintessential CC stuff) and have had varying degrees of trouble and lack thereof with staff regarding this and no one seems to have a definitive solution to point to.

He can’t. Just as doctors/researchers/CTs can’t despite having military ranks.


even though this is primarily a question, I believe this should be oriented towards a discussion. CC’s standard uniform is a USCM uniform, same as the marines. they are given an M4A3 with special ammo in their vendor. While CC isn’t optimal for fighting, I think part of the reason why people play mil CC as opposed to Civ CC is that they have more of an ability to fight. its for people who want to attempt to get into more of an RP role but don’t want to give up the ability to have an impact groundside entirely.


this isn’t a Official Staff Position™ but i see it more that the CC is grabbing a rifle and actively defending people instead of throwing a couple pistol shots while retreating. It seems reasonable that a backliner xeno would get the jump on the CC or other marines, it just becomes a issue when you CHASE xenos.

i think he can

The rules officially say, “The Combat Correspondent should be documenting the fighting, and should disengage if attacked by hostiles.” So the CC can fight, but should not be seeking fighting out for the purposes of engaging in it themselves.


we need reform

Try role-play, like a proper comat correspondence.


if you want to fight PFC

Don’t take the one RP slot just to go run around and die


I still remember when we had stowaways, and I would always RP as a civilian reporter going underground trying to take photos to the press and sneaking around. Kinda miss em.