candycornformore - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - candycornformore

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Hans Muller / Katharina Schulz

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

I have not completed any other whitelist applications.

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Nancy takes on the personality of a traditional 1940s grandma, this often means they’ll usually address most as “dear” “sweetie” “honey” or any other form of polite demeanor. They often have a sweet nurturing personality that unlike the traditional personality of a synthetic that just attempts to mimic standard “friendly” emotions will take on a more nurturing and gentler approach with marines. All though despite this as any synthetic Nancy understands that emergencies or hostilities can arise at any situation and while her demeanor will often attempt to de-escalate in a elderly manner she is still capable of defense of herself or other people if the situation were to ever arise.

Nancy may also often ‘pinch’ the cheeks of marines in a kind and caring yet gentle manner to how an elderly grandma might pinch the cheek of her grandson, often to mimic that grandmotherly approach that you would expect of this elderly imitating synthetic.

Additionally the personality quirk of this synthetic is baking (or cooking/microwaving) with the limitations of the current cooking utilities for the kitchen).

This usually means if there is downtime they may be often seen baking sweet delicacies in substitute/alongside the Mess Technician, especially cookies which Nancy likes to hold onto to give out to exceptionally good marines.

If she isn’t baking then she may often discuss it with marines who have some time to talk, usually giving out recipes, advice or otherwise just general discussions of baking topics and maybe even the type of sweets a marine might like so she can surprise them later.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

How will they react to the difference ranks of the Alaymer?

Nancy often doesn’t address ranks to differently unless the ranked individual in question requests it, often referring to people as “dear” “honey” “sweetheart”, ect ect.
But like said this can be put aside if the person wishes to be addressed differently, other than this though Nancy often doesn’t uniquely react with certain ranks too differently outside of officers who she will usually hold a more dignified respect for and order priority (if reasonable).

As for lower ranks like Maintenance Technician, the same applies above and even then Nancy will still hold them to a nurturing respect and will do what she can to ensure to their needs if needed.

What would they talk about in a one on one conversation?

More often then not this depends on the person in question, when it comes to an officer they’ll likely find themselves discussing orders and the specific needs of said orders.
If the person in question is a lower ranked individual or even just an officer who wants to just talk about regular conversational topics than Nancy will likely be discussing baking, handing out cookies (if possible) or just addressing to the needs they might want.

What are their interests?
Nancy has a few interests but as mentioned her personality quirk comes from cooking (or coined baking since she likes to mostly make sweets), all though if this doesn’t fit a situation or the person she’s with doesn’t want to discuss that than Nancy can enjoy other elderly activities like just listening to the person talk, giving out some “old people stories” or giving some advice for specific departments should the person want to learn something new.

What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?
Nancy (nicknamed Grandma Nancy) was primarily brought fourth when purchasing vessels often began to run stale on the ‘traditional’ personality of synthetical emotions that often found themselves either bland personalities or an artificial demeanor of politeness, so Nancy was made with the attempt of nurturing to the marines standard homelife who more often than not found themselves away from loved ones, on top of that the more polite and nurturing demeanor of Nancys personality earned them this logline.
“Grandma Nancy brings family to your doorstep with a grandma’s touch on cookies and a familial bond to never forget. Nancy will nurture your anxiety away!”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

When I first brought myself to CM13 and learned the ropes I often found that direct battling while temporarily thrilling didn’t bring a sense of reward as that came with being a helper to other people, so I naturally gravitated to more support roles like Corpsman, Combat Technician, Doctor, Requisitions, ect (mostly medical roles though). Overtime I developed to love these roles and getting to perform multiple of these roles at once would definitely elevate a lot of the grievances I have while doing one specific role at once.

On top of that synthetics are more often than not a more appealing role from what I’ve seen, you get to interact with all forms of marines and it gives you a lot of unique opportunity to roleplay and engage with other marines that traditional roles may not usually see.

As for why I should be whitelisted, in my opinion this to question to be more personally to the decision of the synthetic council but I find myself dedicated to this role. I’ve spent a lot of extra time grinding on supportive roles just to learn the ropes of said roles and filling out a story that took a few days to put together just so I could experience the role that very few get to experience, I definitely don’t expect to pass this application on my first go and that’s fine, I’ll most likely keep trying until I do.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

While my interactions with other synthetics have been limited usually due to just bad luck or the synthetic being busy with other people, I think one of my most memorable synthetics I know of is Holiday.

I often see them a lot more than any other synthetic and I think my most memorable interaction with them was when I was a deployed FOB doctor and had to deal with over 5+ heartbroken from a researcher who gave out too much stims and overdosed a lot of marines. While I saved several of these heartbroken marines even to my surprise a few still died, but a lot more of them would have most definitely died if Holiday wasn’t there, they were next to my tent most of the time performing life saving surgeries that ultimately kept the marines alive and at it.

We still lost that round, but the coordination with Holiday made the loss not as severe as it could have been.

Synthetic Character Story:

I ultimately did find myself having fun writing this story so it did get a little long, to help out I labeled the chapters to what they specifically reference for Nancys characters so you can skim to the dialogue parts.



Engineering while my lesser favorited support role is a role I can still perform as well as any other competent Combat Technician, setting up cades properly is second nature such as moving them back one meter from a choke or putting them inverse to bait out xenomorphs, layering the FOB as well as using barbed wire and even non-cade engineering such as repairing communications, APCs or fusion reactors are all simple tasks I can easily accomplish.


Command in my opinion is my weakest suit, all though I still have practice with it and can set IFF, fireteams and generally use any computer within CIC.


Medical is easily one of my strongest and most favorite roles, reviving marines with 400+ damage, bringing down marines on critical ODs without dialyses (usually in emergency situations) on the field and performing multiple fracture surgeries at once are all common work.


Requisitions is quite simple to learn but is likely my least favorite role to do consistently as it can get boring if marines don’t want supplies while deployed, even then I still know how to do everything required of it such as give out equipment, order supplies, stamp all necessary papers and coordinate on getting coordinates with the FOB. Additionally I know how to fill up ammo boxes and recycle empty boxes for new ones to save some money for Requisitions.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

Synthetics usually have a very limited capacity to ever perform combat for anyone reasons outside of defending its own life or the life of another marine, but there are a few exceptions that may elevate some of its restrictions.

If security is heightened due to a critical issue on the USS Alaymer a synthetic can have some of its defense restrictions elevated.

If the USS Alaymers commander decides to deputize the Synthetic due to MPs inability to function, it may be able to act more non-lethally to perform arrests.

If the Synthetic is facing a hostile entity (like xenomorphs) or a hostile faction like the UPP a Synthetic can escalate to lethal force to defend its self or another marine.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

I have not been banned in the last month and I do not have any active jobbans.

Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

If for any reason you cannot reach out to me on forums my DMs are always available, my username is the same as my CKey.

I also understand that sometimes council members may like to observe applicants to determine their abilities while in-game (At least from what I’ve seen from other applicants)

My hours are usually not consistent but you’ll likely rarely ever see me on between the hours of 7 PM EST and 10 PM EST as these are the hours my internets traffic are at the highest.

Other hours though you’ll likely catch me playing, again my hours are not consistent but I play quite often.

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Heya Katharina! I’m not a WL holder, but I’ll be following you around for a little bit and try to make some time to read your story so I can get an idea of whether or not to +1 you, as well as so that I can tell others how you play support. What times are you usually playing CM? I don’t see you around much (but I do play lowpop, so that’s to be expected) so I can’t really vouch for you as is.

I just reread your app more carefully and realized that I’m an idiot and you already answered my question. In any case, I’m rooting for you!

Hey there! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly on this!

Right now I’ll have to be honest my sleep schedule is not very consistent so my hours usually aren’t consistent either.

Telling by the fact I am up at 1 AM right now to help flesh out this application and prepare everything for it, chances are you’ll likely see me up on later hours in american timezones (Like 4 PM EST and continuing)

Other times you’ll probably see me in later hours like 1 AM to 8 AM EST (usually just a few hours though)

Most of the time though you probably wont have that much of an issue catching me but it’s still embarassing to not be known by you since I still occasionally play lowpop!

So to put it more casually, I’ll likely get on at like 2-5 PM, play until 7 PM and then get back on at 1 AM. (EST)

Again thanks for getting back on me for this, if you have any other questions please let me know!

If it helps, I still only know very few players in lowpop, so nothing to be embarrassed about.

Good luck on your app, and just a suggestion, but try to play a single character for the time being, so that we can more easily recognize you in-game. I get it may be weird to have your scrawny medical character suddenly turn into a hulking marine lugging a 10-ton machine gun, but that’s kind of the only way to get your name out there.

I will be honest I have not played Katharina in quite awhile, Hans has been my to-go to help solidify a character more.

Needless to say I’ve definitely adjusted to that! (After Katharina got captured by that runner as a CC she was never seen from again…)

Anyways, thanks for the tip I’ll be keeping my eyes open to soak in as much advice as I can cause I’ll take everything I can get.

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Been seeing your character Hans around here and there, and from what I’ve seen you’ve got a lot of the need-to-know down. I think you’d be a credible pick for the WL! +1

Sorry for not responding back in so long. I’ve hadn’t had the time to read your story yet, so I wanted to hold off on responding until I did. However, it is getting a little ridiculous how long I’ve kept you waiting, so I’ll just respond with what I got so far.


  • You didn’t heal that one PFC with -10000% health in under half a minute. Incredibly disappointed.
  • Your RP is too good and makes my character “Skibidi Chungus” look bad. You need to lower the bar so that other people’s LRP looks better in comparison.


  • In all seriousness, you play an amazing medic, and you kept your patients out of danger, you got them back in the fight in a timely manner. I know I’ve said this exact same thing for another player’s Synthetic WL, but really this is all a medic needs to do, and you do this very well.
  • As a SO, you clearly knew how to use the OW system, which is all a synthetic really needs to know. Beyond this, you also kept your squad in the know about the situation on the ground and, if I remember correctly, pointed out the location of downed marines who were not in the line of sight of medics, as well as significant roles, like Specs and SLs.
  • As an engineer, you not only made high quality fortifications on the front lines, but even as xenomorphs actively tried to push a breach, I saw you bravely rush forward to patch it as soon as the opportunity presented itself.
  • Your RP is great. I wasn’t able to see much of it, as most of the times I observed you, you were in the middle of combat, but what I saw was still amazing


Big +1 from me. I think Nancy would be a wonderful addition to the Synthetic team. I will still try to make time to read your story, but seeing as I already gave you the +1, I’ll DM you about what I thought, since at this point, it’s no longer relevant to whether or not I give you a +1 or a -1.

Thank you for the voucher!

Don’t worry about the slow response, if anything I’ve been the slow one with how infrequent I’ve been on, despite that I’ve been doing my best to keep good and enjoyable roleplay everyone can enjoy as well as ensuring that the mechanical based side is as good as it can be!

I’m always looking for improvement and I may ask for some advice and ways to better myself both in roleplay and mechanics in DMs if possible.

Again, no worries on the waiting time, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have as well if they ever come up! :smile:

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Respectfully, non-WL holders should be keeping their input to character-oriented interactions. It can create a false impression to see a plethora of posts and questions from people who are not involved in the process of mechanical vetting at all, resulting in confused applicants who are not fully sure of what’s expected of them due to receiving conflicting feedback from councilors (#1), WL holders (#2), and non-WL holders (not part of the process outside of rare, specific situations). You are free to offer feedback regarding the player’s OCC and IC behavior/RP, but please refrain proffering mechanical evaluations.

Ah, my bad. I’ll hold off on that, then. Thank you for telling me.


Sorry for the suspense build up these past couple of days. I myself have questions I would like you to answer. It’s simple, I’m curious if you would change anything about how these cadelines were built.

Sorry for the poor quality, its the best I could do since I was ingame.

Hi, thanks for getting to me about this!

I understand that I’ve lacked in my combat technician throughout my time with my app on the forums so I understand why this came up.

To get the obvious out of the way some of those barricades do not have barbed wire, wire them after they’re properly moved. (if needed to be moved)

The barricades might also need upgrades depending on whether or not the frontline is falling, ask if there are a high amount of boilers, spitters, ect to see if the cades should have a biohazard upgrade or just a direct brute upgrade.
Or if needed and possible have appropriate upgrades applied right before the siege might happen, but this is situational.
(This should be done after proper changes are made so you don’t waste time and metal.)

One common practice with barricades is that they should often be tilted inwards to give marines the advantage in combat. (xenomorphs will have to come closer to hit the barricades or anything behind it)

With that being said, pictures one, two and four could have their corners put inwards, this will make it so xenomorphs will have to come closer and expose their positions more, additionally having inverted corners lowers the risk of friendly fire by removing the ability for a marine to get caught in a corner and potentially risk friendly fire from their allies next to them.
(Do note this usually doesn’t apply to every single corner, some corners are fine as they are.)

Another thing I noticed is that there are metal double folding barricades, if there is time and plasteel available perhaps these can be disassembled and replaced with double plasteel folding cades, this way you wont have situations where one cade is opened and the other is closed as seen in the top picture.

Another thing to note is that some of the folding barricades aren’t adjacent to a wall (or preferably) a corner, it might be a good idea to move some of the folding cades in some of the cade lines so that they are at the corner and not somewhere in the middle where it might give xenomorphs an advantage due to cluttering.

There might be some other things I can’t think of directly off the top of my head, but these are the very first things that come to mind (especially the barbed wire), if I usually can’t spare the time to fix the barricades it might be best to ask another combat technician to do it and specify what needs to be changed.

Also no worries about the poor quality!

If you have any specific questions or just anything you need to contact me personally about, you can always reach me on discord and/or forum DMs.

Hi candycornformore and thank you for your interest in the Synthetic Whitelist!

To start - Nancy’s quirk and personality are both unique and good.

The story you gave was not only entertaining but illustrated a very good dialogue use. Although the quirk came out a little on the strong side, I would personally say tone it down by a bout 2% ingame. Its good overall however.

I enjoyed reading your reasons to become a Synthetic.

Your experience answers were good - I would say you could elaborate more. For example, you cited perhaps that command isn’t the strongest suit. Would you be able to call a red alert? Open armories? Signal for ERT? etc. Not only these niche things are important and may be called upon for a Synthetic, but critical things too such as loading the OB. Make sure you have these down!

Your answers for combat are generally acceptable, however I personally would have liked to see better example scenarios. Furthermore, I should tell you that UPP aren’t inherently hostile.

Thus far, your app is mostly in tip top shape, with a couple things you could improve on.

However, the most important and critical factor that held you back is your mechanical competence and experience in relevant support roles. While observation of your RP was very satisfactory, we felt that there were many amateur decisions in your barricade theory which would not be up to our standard. This is however, quite easy to fix with a bit of playtime, experience and guide/teacher.

Vouches were also just OK, we would prefer to see more. Synthetic opinion was a mixed bag due to your aforementioned mechanical consistency - sometimes your work would be satisfactory, other times it would be of concern.

Overall, if you are able to improve on these simple things, I definitely can see you becoming a Synthetic!
Until then, this app is denied - we hope to see you again in 26 days(or later), with more mechanical experience under your belt! Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Added synth:denied and removed synth:waiting