Give the ERT people a key to their ship or something that spawns infront of the console, because 9 times out of 10 it gets stolen because it dosn’t.


Guard your ship

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Having someone AFK at the ship at all time to have it not stolen is not a fun solution

ERT ship should require someone with an ERT’s ID card to use it, at least that means you either need to get one of them to ferry you off the ship, or you need to steal their ID card off their body.

Personally I find the ERT ship to be oddly placed considering we have an entire mechanic based on a lifeboat, but then you also have a ship that can just do the same thing without needing to be fuelled.

i feel like needing an ERT linked ID would be a good idea as steelpoint as said
but i would also make the ERT_DS hackable maybe?
DS’s consuming fuel to fly would be nice…

A new ID to ERT personal that has a key attached to it, Right clicking will give you the option Take Key.

Its highly odd how someone without pilot skills can operate the ship, without access. Why would an ERT land without an escape route.

ERT Dropship being hackable will just make all players carry a Hacking Device ( The one that engineers get in the toolbelt ).