Carrier & Hugger Rework


  • removed

Base carrier

  • Reworked

New Carrier

  • Can eat a bursted body and morph huggers inside of it.
  • No longer carries eggs (Stored egg ability removed)
  • Can throw huggers (These huggers are called weakened face hugger )
    • The carrier throws these huggers at such high velocity it actually harms the hugger and weakens it. If the carrier sprite clicks the hugger attaches, however marines have 3 seconds (example) to run up and remove the hugger from the face of the other marine before it implants. Removal of the hugger stops if the helping marines walks away or is moved from the dude he is helping.
  • The carrier can carry two eggs in its hands per the usual and plant these eggs anywhere it wants. (Regardless of hive weeds)
  • Carrier can carry 24 huggers on it now.
  • Sentient huggers can “pounce” onto the carrier for a free ride, while riding the carrier they cannot be shot, do not lose health, and gain health if they lost health; while connected to the carrier huggers can use hivemind.


  • While in view of a carrier - hosts incubate faster.
  • Every 60s an AI hugger will leap off of the carrier prioritizing marines if they are close enough. These huggers knock the marine down, and if not assisted within 8s they attach.
  • Is stunned when queen screeches. ((This is to stop it from throwing 24 huggers at the marines when queen screeches LOL))

Xeno sadar, taking marines out of the round at range with a single click. that stuns them for 3+ seconds (longer timer to help marine = longer stun, and then you have the entire facehug duration on failure)
This would become extremely easy to abuse with several carriers - you’d just throw a hugger at the guy trying to help. You’ve also gotta consider you cant rely on NPCs to somehow know they can take these huggers off, people already struggle with shaking marines up. Realistically only several people in a round would be capable of helping.

Wouldn’t they just jump onto people meleeing doors, applying an 8s stun? What about occassional issues with homing onto a cloaked scout on the backline?

I don’t remember why xenos can’t plant outside of hive weeds anymore (preventing shipside eggs by xenos that make it aboard?) so dunno how much of an issue that is by itself, but just for consistency’s sake eggs either should or should not be allowed on non-hiveweeds regardless of who’s planting them. Carriers being able to ignore it would render the restriction pointless so all xenos should be allowed to plant if this merges

doesn’t this allow queens to order carriers to stay in hive and watch captures, softgriefing them? Not sure what the point of this change is.


i like this idea but i dont like that eggsac is removed cuz carrier wont be having straints and egg will be the only thing that will have egg plasma or if this reworked carrier will have egg plasma in him that will be fine for me

Carrier will not have egg plasma because carrier has nothing to do with eggs anymore.

It morphs dead bodies into huggers and eggs are now queen exclusive.

Queen off ovi the entire round? No eggs. No carrier? No huggers. Now she either must get on ovi, or deal with having no method outside of the egg morpher. Morrow was talking about removing the morpher too; which will make it even that much more important for queen to ovi.

but the morph dead bodies mechanick is using the same mechanick as the egg morpher and the egg morpher is like an big egg that can make huggers out of bodies and it should make sense that carrier should have the egg plasma cuz it cant just transorm an dead body to a hugger and as i remember the egg plasma needs blood for it to make a creature and dead bodies have some blood and meat and probably when u use a dead body on a morpher it will dumbted into a like pool of egg plasma that is in egg morpher and it will transorm it into a hugger

the egg morpher does not give you egg plasma, so nor will a carrier that does the same thing as the egg morpher.

the only way you will get egg plasma is by getting an egg from the hive.

so tell me how does egg morpher makes huggers from bodies

Not even the eggmorpher needed originally

Carriers should provide egg plasma purely for consistency’s sake, with each caste providing something else. Dunno why that’s not a thing already, unless they have some other unique chem.

ok its uses enzymes for the egg morphing so ok

Carrier does not make eggs. Why would it have egg plasma. Making eggs is something specific to the queen. Even egg morphing does not happen inside the body. I’m good with removing carrier all together too.

drone, burrower, crusher, boiler, rav, all do not provide anything. carrier does not neeeeeeeed to provide anything either. only runner, senti, queen, and prae provide anything for stims. the rest is just generic chemicals.

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cause it used to carry eggs, providing it in that way. If it losses the ability to carry them it should have it by default instead

Why would you have egg plasma if you don’t carry or make eggs? There is zero reason for it to have egg plasma since it does not carry or make eggs. It carries huggers.

because its a game and gameplay > logic. in this case it’d be because it used to carry eggs so it was indirectly a source of egg plasma.

Xenos are extremely difficult to play as and you want to make it even worse. Most of the rounds there are stalemates that are only marines-sided(except they suicidely walk in xeno lines or just evac), they receive everything, stims, OT explosives, more marines, nuke and you want to add 100% corrupted xenos to such things. It would be extremely disgusting change as well as the larva nerf and removing the ability to drag the bodies back.