CAS and Transport Pilot

Hello gents, another suggestion coming through. This time I am suggesting that the CAS pilot and the Transport Pilot be made distinctly different roles in the lobby. The kind of player who wants to play CAS is seeking an entirely different experience from the kind of player hoping to play transport, and the options should differ as such so that it doesn’t boil down to one pilot “calling” a certain position and the other pilot being stuck with a role they didn’t really want to play.


huge agree, the difference in expectations of the roles is so large

if you want to vibe as the taxi driver you don’t want the other PO to call it, forcing you to either CAS or make a DCC do it and not do your role properly. If you want the active gameplay of CAS pilot blowing shit to hell for American values, that gets called, then you get the more idle gameplay of PO piloting


I agree with this. Often I see such that when choosing the role of PO and meeting another pilot, we argue for a long time who is who and what will be done. As a result, the cryocapsule becomes your DS…


I strongly agree with this idea, mainly because getting stuck on transport is how to be bored the entire round (personally). the current strat of who can copy-paste “DIBS CAS” faster into the chat sucks and really makes playing PO a 50/50 role on having fun or being bored out of your mind for the entire round.


Someone did it, the crazy son of a bitch.


This is one of the few ideas I see posted that I think is actually good.

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