Character Setup Option: Least preferd squad

This comes from a place of so much, so much pain. Please, let people chose to not be filterd into one squad. They can already choose wich they want the most, so let people choose wich they want the least.
Yes this is about Bravo, but no not because i hate it. Because so many others hate it, to the point that they go AWall, just to not sit on the FOB. Causing Bravo to be very often be mainly populated by people, that dont want to stay at the FOB. and there for leave it.

And i know, if that may be done, bravo may have way less people each round.
If you force people to play Bravo, that hate FOB duty, they will just go away from FOB and ignore orders.
Wich means, they are taking slots from people that do like to play Bravo. And Actual active Bravo members are much lower.

One can only perma so often at an Abandond FOB. I really am a broken man at this point. Im just so fucking sad man. I enjoy FOB duty a lot but i can understand why some poeple dont. Just give people the option that dont enjoy it, to not have to do that. It hat makes FOB duty infinitly worse if you need to play with people that dont enjoy it. Please…



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FOB squad should have a dedicated role or something. I’ve never been a fan of making Bravo the defacto FOB unit

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Yeah, there should be a fifth squad dedicated to building FOB.


let me make it so i am in no other squads but charlie and if there is no slot available I can just be spawned and gibbed instantly

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wait, he’s onto something

Why not just stop making only Bravo build the fobs? I know there will be the argument of tradition and Bravo people should expect to build a fob and man it but those are poor arguments really and should be discounted. There is no SOLID REASON Charlie, Delta and Alpha cannot make a fob from time to time and do so in their own ways. Also as far as people just abandoning Fob there isn’t much you can do besides punish players who do not follow orders at all, I believe its already punishable for roles like Squad leaders to ignore direct commands we probably should extend that down the ranks as well. Will it piss off the people who just want to click Xenos until they get capped and complain in Dchat? Yes but why would we want to cater to them anyways? They hardly add anything to a round anyways by just running off and dying.

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Squad Leaders, Specialists, Smartgunners and Fireteam Leaders are OOCly bound to follow command orders.

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People roll/not roll bravo to get/not get FOB duty. If you order delta to FOB just out of quirkiness (without a solid reason like bravo don’t have engineers), you just fuck over people both in delta and bravo. Yeah, it really sucks to roll bravo CT with a dream FOB image in mind and then get delta ordered to build FOB. Don’t do this.


I’m sorry but I never said out of quirkiness nor did I say Bravo should never FOB, the issue raised was people leaving Bravo or the FOB because all they want is to try and frag something and you only exemplified the problem. It should not always come down to one squad to make a fob and it gets to be so bad sometimes that Bravos comtechs don’t even stay in the fob to work on it. And your suggestion of Dont change things is what makes Bravo mains burn out of FOB duty, they never get any objectives besides FOB and comms and then because those are their main duties every Unga brained PFC leaves their posts and the people who stay behind get fucked over. Its happened to me plenty of times as a Comtech and Medic, Ill get told go to comms or wait in fob and Ill watch PFCs get bored and wander away making the experience worse for everyone else. And how do you plan to solve the issue? Just keep forcing every round to be the same?

What happens when Bravo burns out completely and says fuck it I’m going to the front no matter what aside from the SL, the FTL, The Spec and SG who are told to stay at fob because of a risk of OOC punishment? Do we just accept their rounds are basically done and let nothing change? I think if you make it so its not just Bravo on comms every single round and change it up then you will probably increase Bravo player retention since there is a chance they will do something besides the same thing every round and MAYBE some of the people who are always in other Squads may like playing in the FOB with their buddies instead of just joining Bravo and being isolated and left doing nothing but waiting. Maybe they will like a change of pace to relax and RP a bit as well and give other squads a chance to do things.

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Before mutinies were as heavily restricted as they were now, there were literal mutinies over delta being assigned to FOB…

I promise you, breaking tradition just won’t work. It will be literally impossible unless you convince a majority of CIC players to do it.

Either way, FOB is a mindless chore. No one wants to do it, it’s just not fun to sit and stare at a care for half an hour until the front collapses.

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Ordering bravo to front is a tried and true method of throwing the op.


The FOB squad should be MPs and maint techs. Everyone should deploy except for like a skeleton crew.

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It is very good to have a concitent FOB squad. It allows players to plan a bit in advance. Do you want to play at FOB? Yes? Join Bravo. No? Join any other squad. If you where to make other squads have FOB duty, you would screw over everyone in the other squad that now has FOB duty (of wich no one prepared for that. mentally or gear wise.) and screw over the people that esplicitly joined bravo to stay at the FOB.

Besides, Bravo being FOB isnt server rules, its just tradition.
So if you really belive it would be better to sometimes make other squads do FOB duty, just make em.
Join as XO and say “OK, today charlie is doing FOB duty!”
Nobody is stopping you from doing that.
Sometimes XO/CO order a Mega FOB as well, meaning EVERY squad stays at FOB for a while and goes to the front later. (Popular during lowpop)
And quite often Charlie gets send to Comms, not bravo. Although i have seen that less and less.
So yeah, you can change it very easily. Just do it.


@basilherb Evidence? Many people main bravo squad, doesn’t this mean that they enjoy FOB? According to you, everyone dislikes FOB duty because you do?

@Maegami Pro tip: if you somehow end up in bravo despite rolling for another squad, you can ask your local CIC staff to put you into another squad. Bravo mains main bravo because they enjoy FOB, nobody’s getting forced to set their squad preference to bravo and sit at FOB despite wanting to unga metarush the hive. If you found out that FOB duty isn’t fun for you, don’t roll bravo next time. Bravo specs and SGs get sent to the frontline most times, so that argument is kinda non-existent too, and if you are playing SL or RTO you should be able to accept the responsibility of doing FOB instead of just rushing the benos. If you want to RP and relax, roll bravo, easy as that. Making bravo a “normal” squad will just lead to people who actually want to build a FOB and relax being unable to specifically select that playstyle.


Bravo spec and SG generally won’t stay at FOB and will go to the frontline. Any CIC player who orders them to stay is going to get an un-consensual vasectomy post op, and will join the metacord hitlist.

@Johannes2262 No, it’s a general statement. I was using hyperbole to illustrate how most people dislike FOB, I didn’t mean literally no one played it. The point was that the people outside of bravo don’t generally like FOB, and thus forcing FOB duty on other squads doesn’t end well. Apologies if it was unclear.

From what I understand, your point is that forcing Bravo to do the same thing every round is bad, because it causes people to grow tired and leave Bravo because they don’t want to do the same thing over and over, and that rotating FOB duty will be good, because then more people will join Bravo (when it’s not on FOB duty) and people in other squads will enjoy the change in pace.

It will not.
People who willingly join Bravo join Bravo to PLAY FOB simulator. They know EXACTLY what they sign up for. They play Bravo to defend comms and FOB. That’s the whole point.
If I choose “medic” most of the time, it means I want to play medic. I don’t want to select “medic”, only to find out that every medic is now a SADAR.
The problem of “burnout” doesn’t exist. If you don’t want to play FOB anymore, switch squads. That’s the solution. The solution is NOT randomly rotating FOB duty.

If Bravo is always the least staffed squad, the root of the problem is not that Bravo gets FOB duty all the time.
It’s that FOB duty is boring as fuck, and akin to being a sentinel in 2016 sitting in the hive watching caps.
You don’t fix that by giving delta FOB- All that means is delta ignores you, ungas, while the people who SELECTED bravo will just sit on FOB as usual.
If you start rotating FOB duty, and Bravo ends up getting more people because it’s no longer “FOB squad”, I fail to see what the benefit is. Ok, all 4 squads are equally balanced, but now the squad that gets FOB duty is 75% people who despise it and will disobey you, while people who like FOB are now scattered across multiple squads instead of coordinating as one.
It’s a lose-lose situation.

The point about Bravo “burning out completely” is just… illogical to me, because of this. It doesn’t make sense at all. It’s like saying “medics will burn out completely from being forced to play medic all the time.”
No, they’re not being forced. People in Bravo CHOOSE to be on FOB, just like how medics CHOOSE to play medic. If they’re burnt out, they play something else, then come back.

As for the last point about people enjoying the “change in pace”…
They won’t.
Every time a genius in CIC decides to be funny and puts a non-bravo squad on FOB, I assure you the majority of players groan and silently vanish to the frontline. If people wanted a change in pace, they would select “Bravo” as their preferred squad. The people who selected “Delta” are the ones who want to unga in caves and die with their metacomm friends, NOT people who want to sit on FOB.

End of wall of text.


Just to add onto this discussion regarding bravo. It’s overlooked a lot but Bravo also functions as the squad that players join who have terrible ping, stuttering or can barely even run the game. They get brief moments of combat but spend the majority of their time as support, which can be done in adverse conditions. For these people bravo is their sanctuary.


Fob duty is an either you like it, or you don’t.

If you like it, and WANT to do fob, you go bravo. If you’re burnt out of fob duty, you go another squad.
That’s how it has always worked - and changing it up by saying stupid shit like Delta FOB will only make you look like an asshole.

It has been tried a million times, and never stuck around a million times, for good reason.

Generalizing delta squad as unnecessary is stupid as hell, delta is 1/4th of all marine players and they want to enjoy their round too. Terrible bias.
Playing to enjoy the game is normal - and if they don’t play the same way as you, it does not mean they should be disallowed from enjoying the game.


hey now, dont be mean.

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There is no SOLID REASON Charlie, Delta and Alpha cannot make a fob from time to time and do so in their own ways.

Good luck having the delta engineers who don’t have a single piece of mats and spent all their points on breaching charges, C4 and a M2C build the FOB.