Check for structures not occupying the same space as cloaked mobs.

A check which makes cloaked mobs solid, to structures. So sniper, scout, or spotter.

I found out I could position myself under a turret as a sniper while cloaked if someone pushed the turret onto me and anchored it down.

After chating to maints I’ve figured out that while this isn’t a bug (the code is working fine) it probably isn’t an intended mechanic.

I’m just suggesting that we put a check in to stop this mechanic.

I also want to warn players against attempting this as you will probably be asked to move, or get in trouble if there’s reason to believe you know you shouldn’t be doing this.

It is just this but the sniper is under the turret while cloaked.

Why stop this? Sniper stacks on turrets seems particularly unfair to xenos, stops skill-based gameplay and makes it, who can shove the most weaponry on the sniper or scout.

I’ve actually yet to see this be used in combat though I imagine it has, or will, be.

EDIT: supossdily it is a non issue but probably best code restricting it at some point

to pull an admin on an admin, it seems to be WAI even if it pisses bugs off lmao