Chem Team Rework

This thread will be dedicated to attempting to solve the chem team dilemma which is as follows:

The Problem:

The chem team retrieval mission suffers from once the team fulfils their job they go back, which makes sense icly but gameplay wise is terrible. Now, they can stay with RP but again that doesn’t make sense if your a chem extraction team.

Additionally, the aforementioned chem team reason feels rather weak and could be improved upon imo.

With this in mind, it would be good to brainstorm ideas for attempting to fix this.


Making the chem team mildly antagonistic (This is perhaps a tad too much over ‘mildly’ so take it with a pinch of salt, but it provides an example nonetheless.)

  • The chem team have to fully download a random chunk of research data which expunges it from research onto a very chunky wheeled computer you position next to the machine.

Discussion with Beagle on an idea:

Chem Team Retrieval Options:

  • Standard: Talk with research and attempt diplomacy in order to gain the chemical data.

  • Loud: Attach a cassettepunk bulky machine to the cable network that will scrape data as it runs through the system, then flush the ARES chemical log forcing it to re download all the chemicals, allowing time for the scraper to copy during the download, so the team needs to secure both the scraper and ARES core to keep the transfer from being stopped. Once the the scraper gets satisfactory information it unanchors and can be moved again.

ARES will display an announcement message:

“CAUTION: Unauthorized Secure Systems Modification; Chemical Log Deleted. Attempting Automatic Download. Keep Cable and Attached Systems Uninterrupted or Data Corruption May Occur.”

Data corruption means that the chem team only has one shot, if they fuck up, the data’s too far gone to get back.

  • Stealth: The team has a chunky cassettepunk themed hackpad and they will need to go to various computers and assemble a ARES access code with the hackpad, then get to ARES and enter the code and download the records onto the trusty cassettepunk themed memory bank. After a few minutes the download will finish and the alert will go off, but by then you are expected to have covered your tracks so nobody stops it, and are leaving.
Successful Extraction

Once the team successfully extracts they cryo and are are spawned in as a lesser PMC ERT (goons most likely or custom ones if you really wanted) and are given the following message:

“Your team is being sent in to assist the liaison after the successful recovery of important chemical data as it is expected that they will be needing additional security due to a rise in tensions after the previous mission.”

This way it encourages the CL to have a peaceful handover as he’s going to be next on the chopping block if everything goes awry so encourages more diplomacy RP. Simultaneously also providing something for the Chem team to earn and get to stay in the round.


I like this! I do worry about pushing for a more antagonistic suggestion, since I can see ghosts being pulled for the ERT just using it as any excuse to grief, but I think having ARES stuff as a possible covert sub-objective would be cool.

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