Chooseable Ranks Expanded

I’m wishing to open a more formal dialogue on expanding the Senior Enlisted Advisor’s chooseable ranks feature to other roles that get higher ranks from playtime tiers, such as Squad Rifleman, Corporate Liaison, and Cargo Technician. This would not add any new ranks, it would just allow players to select a rank that’s already available.

The idea was previously denied on the grounds that new players holding the lesser ranks were needed for visibility, but ranks aren’t the most efficient means of doing this(that and Senior Enlisted Advisors are alerted when players with low playtimes join).

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Personally, this is just my opinion, but in normal games, what would end up happening is that NOBODY would play low ranks. We would never have low ranking because everyone would just choose the highest one. I think that it should be rolled, like a role. You can roll to get the high rank, but its limited how many of each one and the lowest rank is unlimited. Know what I mean?

I wish we had this now with the multithreading so everyone wasn’t PVTs.

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Rank isn’t just for SEAs to see if someone is new but signifies to other players that it is someone who may require some hand holding at the role. Outside of SEA (which is a pseudo-whitelisted role), I don’t want anyone choosing ranks really.