CIA Closed Case File - Aden "Houdini" Begum

Affiliations - REDACTED Machining Colony (Destroyed by Hunger and Poverty)
Central Intelligence Bulletin, Washington D.C. USA

DOB - June 21st, 2158

Height - 6’5

Weight - 229 Lbs

Eye Color - Hazel

Hair Color - Light Brown

Defining Features - Large Scar along rear of forearm

Criminal Charges

One Count of Grand Larceny, 12 Years

One Count Of Escape, 15 Years

One Count Of Escape, 19 Years

One Count Of Escape, 30 Years

One Count Of Escape, 45 Years without Parole

One Count Of Escape, Life without Parole

Six Counts of Jailbreak, REDACTED


Aden ‘Houdini’ Begum first came under the CIAs radar after being charged with Grand Larceny. The charges were placed on him after stealing up to 3.4 Million dollars in machinery and mechanical components from ships docking in his home colony of REDACTED Machining Colony. He was placed in jail for 12 years, with only six being served before his first jailbreak from REDACTED Orbital Penitentiary. He escaped after utilizing his mechanical knowledge to hijack the shuttle used to ferry inmates to a planetside labor camp.

When the shuttle was found drifting through space, Colonial Marshals quickly seized the vessel only to find it stripped of its vital systems and missing one Aden Begum.

And thus began the first manhunt. Within the week, Aden was found selling a capacitor found to have come from the Ion engine of the stolen labor shuttle. He was quickly arrested and placed back into a maximum security prison for 17 years.

Aden was put to work in the prison creating components for a similar Ion engine as the one he had stripped and sold off of the labor shuttle. He quickly found that the transports picking up the engines were manned by a skeleton crew, I fact he abused when he smuggled himself into the shuttle by hiding in a crate of the Ion thrusters he had been creating. What he failed to realize was that in total, it took 4 days for the transports to reach the export colony planetside. Aden was found, shriveled and dying in a crate, nearly killing himself due to the lack of water.

After this, Aden would break out of jail 3 more times, all of which he was caught within a few weeks of his escape. Until finally, Aden vanished.

The CIA picked up his case after a series of break outs were discovered to closely match his MO of exploiting his skill in mechanics in order to break out. The Agency got involved when he was found to have been payed 35.5 million dollars by an anonymous Weyland-Yutani employee in order to spring a few high ranking executives. After tracing the payments to a small rimworld, Aden was found hiding in a small space port.

The CIA debated for a while what they would do with Aden. They knew if they placed him in jail, he would simply break out again. But his crimes were not severe enough to warrant execution. Eventually, Aden was given an ultimatum. He could go back to prison and be strictly watched by the CIA at every whim, or, he had another option.

Join the USCM, and put his mechanical skills to use.

Aden was, surprisingly, grateful. His actions were never carried out purely under malicious intent. He had spent his life running away from poverty, and trying to hold up his struggling home colony. The large amounts of money he made as an agent for Weyland turned out to be going directly back to funding the colony and improving the lives of the colonists. Unbeknownst to naïve Aden, the money was being taken BACK by Weyland-Yutani execs and pocketed. All of his work and sacrifice being rewarded, then taken from him under his nose. This position is what lended to Aden’s undying loyalty for the Colonial Marines. He understood that they gave him a second chance, allowing him to start a new life and do what he had always wanted to do by helping those who need it most.

While those in his home colony had starved, and Aden felt that he had failed them, he found solace knowing that he could still help those in need. Aden would go down as one of the great MTs of the Almayer, and one that actually valued and carried out his job.


“Where does your loyalty lies, Lieutenant?”

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Aden became ungovernable.