CIC Coords calculator.

Here is my idea, a console somewhere in CIC such that when you click it it opens the tacmap and if you click on a part of the tacmap you can “estimate” coordinates that you can then either use for the OB or mortar (If you really want to be like that).

Up sides:

  • Jtach died becuase they decided to PFC+? Not as much of a problem.
  • Marines refuse to give coords? Get your own!

Down sides: I have two posible downsides we could add

  1. Console takes some time between estimations 7.5-10 minutes but gives them instantly
  2. Console takes some time to get the coords

-And for last more of a requirements for this, it will be inacurate, I was thinking something like ± 5 or less tiles any direction just to add a bit of spice.

just laze fob console and triangulate your own cords lmao

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I mean cool idea to be honest but imo way too OP for marines. I’ve played 2 hour rounds as CIC where we didn’t use a single OB despite begging people to get cords and constantly reminding marines we have HE OB. If this kind of console was introduced we’d get to the point where command would dictate where the OB goes and JTAC would only be used for mortar/cas.

I can already see a situation for example where it’s LV-624, command load in a cluster and launch it 30 seconds before fog drops at Tforts/Containers/Inflatables and marines just free push straight to caves. Having to have a marine to lase for the cords and then have them relay it is also a balance thing in itself. Marines are super overpowered over xenos but 90% hinder themselves through friendly fire with bullets, grenades, mortar, CAS, OB, support departments like requisitions/medical/command/pilots not doing the right thing or comms going down. With this console comms wouldn’t even be needed making the radio backpack even more useless. Command would just announce “im gonna OB this choke point” on announcements and watch the live tac map as marines fall back to safe position and then fire freely.

tldr; too strong

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Don’t think you realize you can already do this. Go to the wiki and look at the webmap, find the coordinates of the fob computer. Now get the cords of the fob computer from the current round and you have your offset, calculate from there on. This is how I get cords for mortar when I’m alone on it

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You can technically do this as @I_love_loopers states, it just requires you to use maths outside of the game, and get coords of a specific tile so you can then calculate the exact position of the rest of the map.

As far as I have been told, this is not metagaming and is perfectly permissible in game, assuming you have the time to do it.

I feel the only issue with this console is it would give CIC far more power to execute OB and arguable Mortar strikes without needing groundside assistance. At the very least the current system requires some level of cooperation.

God help us if the fresh XO decides to take the initiative and fire an OB without warning anyone.

Yeah I didn’t realize you can already do this already and never even considered doing it because it seems like meta gaming or power gaming. But apparently it’s not according to Steelpoint and he’s staff so that’s very interesting to hear. Thanks for letting me know, very smart to do that as a FTL manning the mortar with very few to no people calling out comms on JTAC.

Really makes no sense IC wise. The whole colony would already be mapped when marines reach orbit. ARES can use straight up magic to determine how many xenos are left but can’t calculate cords for us.

Its possible someone might over-rule me, but the last time I remember the issue being brought up the general idea was that using maths to figure out coords for mortar fire was not considered metagaming since you had to at least figure out the coords in game, then do the math out of game. Since in-game coords are randomized every round it does require a little more effort on the player’s part.

I think this whole idea was already talked about a long time ago probably somewhere in staff help (that is why I came up with this idea) and I am quite sure it was deemed as not allowed or at the very least looked down on.

If I am wrong on this (which tbh is very posible) groundside command just got a lot more fun.


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People underestimate the power of cam shells. That’s all I will say.

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there was calculator datasheet for each map but it was ruled metagame and burnt.

I think I am going to ask over at admin help and see what comes out of it juuuuuuust to make sure nobody decides to over-rule steelpoint since I feel this is a bit of a gray area.

Admin help is going to give you the answer of whoever picks it up. You might be better off making a post in the Policy thread to get a more definitive answer.

My opinion is that I’d not consider this a case of metagaming since you are using a combination of in-game tools (lasing for coords) and out of game maths to get the coordinates.

You’d not ban someone for using off-sets for mortars the same I don’t think you’d ban someone for using maths to get coordinates from pre-set coordinates. Off-setting mortars or CAS requires maths just the same, albeit far more simpler.