CL Briefcase and what items YOU want to see.

Hello, back here again with another ideasguys, asking you all what you would like to see in the CLs briefcase?

I added the Wey-Yu Executive Zippo in a replacement to the normal one, now thinking of adding the Wey-Yu Coffee Mug right next to the drinking glasses.

Anymore thoughts? Whatever comes to your head is welcome!

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add the demon core :3

I wish he had an RNG item that gives him something to do, be it shady business, gun running, growing a xeno, trying to sabotage the ship, reprogramming a working joe. Relying on the Fax machine is so shit because admins don’t care.

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Exploding Cigars or cigarettes.


Quite a few months ago, someone was working on business card sprites for the corporate liaison. I think it would be a good addition.

Some sort of loyalty injector that gives IDK 2.5%-10% resistances/move speed but requires the implant’s codeword every X minutes to maintain. Not as powerful as the 'Super Soldier" implant with a punishment word that degrades but would also encourage comms control while not being very strong but meaningful and non-hostile behavior to the CL. DISCLAIMER: Iargely quit playing CL after research papers were removed so I don’t know if it should have a cap on total injectors or what its point price should be.

The Lawyer Button. Allow me to call the court to almayer to sue the captain for breaking the treaty of firing on the colony. Tsk tsk, should of listened.

Not gonna lie, this would actually make CL to be a bit more fun rather than an average they signed paper lets hope they won’t brea- Oh god, welp… nothing I can do…

You don’t need an item in the briefcase for that, you can do any of those if you decide you want to. Maybe the shady business is tricky but sabotaging a USCM ship for no reason kinda seems messed up as a minor antag objective.

Instagib rifle


An experimental prototype gun that makes all your problems go away.


But jokes aside, it wouldnt suprise me if the CL had a gun or a pill to just end it.
Just in the spirit of “The company will do worse to me if i survive this.”
But he couldnt help himself to not be extra about it and spent a ton of money on his suicide gun.


Hmm, a powerful and quick-acting suicide pill is an interesting idea.

Why have a way out when theres always a better way

Whiteout. Remember. No witnesses.

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The fucking CL bodyguard role


Add a disk to make ARES rouge, like traitors on ss13

Give them an EMP grenade so that when they lock the CMP in their office they can frag em and then use cable cuffs and the CMP can’t yell on radio for help.

How about a…



Goon squad:100 W-Y brand Pizza Galaxy tokens…

PMC team:500 W-Y brand Pizza galaxy tokens

Whiteout:1000 W-Y brand pizza galaxy tokens

As long as it works like the CMB, where you need admin approval essentially (it says “they will be there in the next 2-3 weeks or some shit if denied), then I don’t mind it really. Just another way for CL to bother admins outside faxes and ahelps.

Also make it a “only 1 available” type purchase and it’s good.

The old gun back.


To be entirely honest I really do wish that they got a latejoin toggle option for it in their suitcase, where they can activate it and it simply opens the job slot. So during the round one can decide if they’d like a bodyguard or whether they want to be thematically like Burke and alone. Would also allow for one to decide to use it only if tensions rise between the marines and corporate, all of which being interesting to rp with.