CL drip alternatives

it’s simple, we kill the batman

charcoal suit
blue blazer
blue vest + red flannel
winter coat over charcoal suit


Excellent work. Can’t wait to see it in game.

Dope, send me the DMIs and I’ll get the PR up ASAP.

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Much obliged Mr Thwomp

Wheres the equality, where are the business attires with skirts?! 0/10


will probably look at some feminine alternatives as well soon

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cool now all you need to do is add time locks so you can which CLs are veterans by their suits

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You literally already have CL-“ranks”, for that reason.


Yeah the female side is very lacking… the business skirt is ok at best. Would be cool if all the clothes have female variants and your locker contained either set depending on which gender you select.

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imma keep it G real, as a man making female/feminine styled clothing is really not my specialty. if you actually want cool stuff sammy is probably the person to ask

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