CL Metaprotections

Okay listen hear me out.

The CL has this containment unit, it’s hidden behind his desk with shutters that blend into the wall, it’s his little hidey hole.

Why does everyone and their dog know about it?
If you have people going “The CL making Xenos again”, this means it’s has happened before. Which it hasn’t since we have a non-moving timeline (that’s another post to make, even if we’d be in 2195) and rounds aren’t persistent.

I believe the CL, as a role with slight leniency for troublemaking should be afforded the small protection of his room only being known if it’s found.


When I used to contribute to TGStation, I added a room to the security department that was essentially an ‘Execution Room’. The problem you’d think is that the station’s Silicon’s are obliged by their laws to prevent human harm, so if they saw any human being dragged into this room they’d intervene, every single round.

So what I did was I gave this room the name of ‘Prisoner Transfer Centre’ and made sure there were no security cameras inside or outside the room. The idea was so well received that it was codified that at the start of a shift the Silicons could not know the true purpose of the room.

In my personal opinion, I think on the balance of roleplay that making the CL’s private containment unit something that only the CL knows about initially would possibly be more interesting for a round. It would give the chance for a discreet CL to try and make something happen and reward them for being stealthily and keeping their containment unit hidden.

Of course the counter balance is what happens if the CL is just a low roleplay player who grows an entire hive in containment before letting them loose. I’d argue these are covered under server rules under the griefing rule, as if all a CL is going to do is sabotage the Marines by growing a hive and releasing them without excuse then it should be handled by staff.


Yes, of course some LRP CL just memeing on the MPs, barricading inside his office and growing a beno army should not be protected, but these meta random searches “CL, what is behind this wall?” are just dumb and remove any possibility of the CL stealthily growing a few benos, add this already.


Generally I think that IC no one should know this room exists unless someone sees it opened.

Anything else is just too much.

Along with the ID modifiers that should also be updated so there could only be 1 ID in and 1 ID out of the CL office within the game.


Yeah, witnessed a similar situation to this. MP wanted to search a liaison on the grounds of hiding a body. One of the MP kept pointing the button and saying, “Open it,” but the liaison kept denying it and saying, “Open what?” Unfortunately the MP still forced their way in.

I think it’d be cool if the shutters were retextured and made to look very similar to a wall but with some slight variation.


Yes, maybe even remove the button and have it be similar to a tator hidden wall in maints, but opening all shutters at once.

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Yeah Marine shouldn’t know about the fake wall and cell in his office. If you’re playing MP you should be ok with not finding something in his office because it lets the story build more.

A rules clarification for meta gaming stating that you do not know about the liason’ s containment cell round start would probably do the trick.


I agree. Making the button more hidden would help. It removes the brain dead MP or whomever response “well it is right in front of you”.


Perhaps a clicker/remote control of some sort that the liaison spawns with. This completely removes the need to hide it and would allow for the liaison to keep it safely stowed away, away from prying eyes and over-zealous MP.


Probably should make CL’s containment (or maybe regular containment as well) bioscan-proof.


I firmly agree with both of these points.


Alternatively, make the CL have a legal reason for a containment room.

Got a legal reason? I think, the containment room is intended to be the CL’s mini-antag gimmick room and not something everyone knows about. This would also not remove the issue with the CL being unable to hide anything from meta searches, as MPs would now have a reason to ask what’s behind random walls.


Wait, this isn’t a thing already? The metagamers won’t care about this unless you make them. No brainer.

Funny thing you can do to the CL. If they use their sidearm to shoot someone, you can then shoot the CL. Because how would someone be able to tell the difference between less-than-lethal and lethal bullets in a split second? Tee Hee.

CL has a special nonlethal gun.

Yes, but how would a marine know its non-lethal? Same thing as rubber bullets. If someone shot your buddy next to you, and they went down, you wouldn’t just stand there and be all like “This is Fine” You’d shoot back.

HRP baby


I’ve been shot and killed numerous times for this. Although you CAN tell the difference in shooting noises, I also think it gives you a message in chat (?).

It probably does put a message in chat, but that is metagaming :herbert:

Me as MP raiding the CLs office and magdumping him

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