Claustrophobic Weed 'Gloop'

This suggestion is for a thick goopy layer of resin that grows slowly from the core and replaces weeds as it spreads (same stats just different visual state) to make the hive feel more like an alien hive. It would grow slowly along the walls and floors and the ceiling (being transparent though there are potential issues with visibility).

  • Growing along the floor is just the simple replace the hive weeds sprite with the ‘goop’ sprite (really need a better name)
  • Growing along the walls makes it so the sprite is one tile and a half (one tile being the wall it has grown over and the half being the tile adjacent to said wall) wide to make it feel claustrophobic. You will still be able to enter the half covered tile as usual it just makes it more thematically pleasing. Hopefully the code Carlac ported allows for this type of usage.
  • Growing along the ceiling will hopefully reuse the ceiling lattice code and just reuse it but instead of this goop to again get the feeling of the area being claustrophobic, it will need to be transparent for obvious reasons and may need to be tweaked heavily so that it doesn’t interact with users clicks etc. (Ideally it won’t but it probably will.)

goop hall


I really like this idea. I’m giving it a +1 just for soul, but obviously depending on whether or not the code works or makes the game chug may change my vote