CLF Fanatic Squad

Inside what remains of CLF territory of the Neroid sector, Liberation command WATCHDOG hosts a training facility where the most loyal, devoted, and skilled warriors of the Colonial Liberation Front train. Codenamed Fanatics, this unit of CLF commandos is given the best equipment and training to conduct high risk operations against UA and UPP forces, or otherwise operations in furtherance of CLF interests. The fanatics are the outcome of a new program headed by Liberation-General Warren. Unyielding training regimes, Intimate knowledge of enemy vessels, locations, callsigns, and gathered intelligence, and absolute obsession over their mission and dogmatic combat doctrine have created the CLF’s best, newest fighting force.

The CLF Fanatics are an ERT in the vein of Marsoc, sent on borderline suicide missions or operations where victory seems impossible. They have some of the best skills of any warrior in the sector, and their gear is better than any other Liberation fighter.

Specifically they should have maxed out firearm and endurance skills, their support personnell should match the skills of the CE/CMO, and their specialists wield a large variety of hand made heavy weaponry that can lay waste to any fortified position. Their knowledge and skills make them a prime target of the enemy, which is why they have standing orders to die if it seems likely they will be captured, and to kill any captured CLF forces if rescue is impossible, to prevent the enemy from gaining intel on the CLF.

CLF Fanatics could be spawned in by admins if a high level threat or opportunity is presented to CLF command, and mechanically they could spawn rarely (20 percent or less) when the Almayer has purchased a nuke via tech trees. Their mission would be the capture and detonation of the nuclear device on the Almayer or other enemy warship. Due to the nature of the nuclear device, it is safe to assume the nuke is logged by any and all information systems on the ship, so relaying its position to radar would be instantaneous, and nigh impossible to steal without giving its location away. Detonation would involve creating a fortified aorea with which to arm and detonate the device, as UA forces assault the Fanatics to disarm said Nuke.

Let me know what you think of this idea. I am having trouble spitballing specialist tier weaponry that doesn’t already exist which would make sense for the CLF to have possession of, so I would appreciate suggestions.


MARSOC tier CLF will never happen, because MARSOC is so overpowered they could kill the entire Almayer and hive with a snap of their fingers.


As long as it isn’t admin-only ERT, it should be toned down a bit instead of being deathsquad-like, but the idea of having some sort of CLF special forces is nice. The chance of them being called when a nuke gets bought should be a bit less, I think, but I like the general idea because it would prevent people from just buying the nuke in case they can win without it, as there would be a chance for it to end in shipside enemys to fight. However, the objective for the nuke ERT should be to steal the nuke and extract it’s core or something, having a similar countdown to blowing it up but not ending in the almayer exploding cause there are no MPs and every marine is groundside.


Light armoured Deathsquad with AP which is actually killable I am all for.


They needs their own type of reusable lunge mines and micro bomb implants or suicide vests.

name them Zealot squads like dead space 3