CLF survivor prisoner POW exchange/reward

Basic idea is to capture the CLF survivor alive and hand them over to either a USCM ERT or maybe Marshals. In exchange the Marines get a large amount of money ala the chem ERT or maybe something else.

Think it’d give more incentive to not just wordlessly decap a CLF survivor (and thus build some RP) and reward those who put in a little more time. Also gives a captured CLF something beyond brigging. Maybe a CLF inside a cell triggers the ERT and the reward happens when they’re moved offsite. Not sure how the current chem ERT code checks for the chem/reward. But likely similar.


I really do like this idea as it is a alternative to straight up beating up bodies of CLF and breaking their bones which marines will almost always do, or putting them in Perma/muzzling them.

However I do think that rewarding them by the capture of CLF in money might be a bit much considering that CLF members are typically apprehended within the first dozen minutes of the drop, which would result in req having lots of money potentially meaning the whole money management part of req is made non-existent which may result in them shelling their money out on incendieary scout or a fuck ton of WP rocket early game.

Perhaps rewarding in research points (just one or two) might be useful since research is already very RNG, it should give some sort of a ‘almost garunteed’ chance that marines are able to go to defcon level without waiting for the round to end. Perhaps the reward could also be lower the higher the pop is (to balance with IO’s). Great idea, and should most definetly be implemented in the game one way or another!

I expressed a similar-ish idea involving more open paths the Marines can do if they ever capture a CLF survivor with the Military Law thread. My idea being they’re offered to serve the USCM under critical circumstances (groundside is losing against the Xenos) and if the CLF dude just goes around griefing again then the officer who allowed their release gets punished with brig time.

Its nice to see I’m not the only one who thinks more should come with capturing CLF survivors. Though if the CLF dude is taken away I believe there should be some compensation for the player because this idea just takes them out of the game completely.

Hell, make things interesting with adding a chance the CLF survivor is a cell leader and their capture forces a CLF rescue team to come get them.

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how about penal support unit? one officer/mp/marine is delegated to guard the penal unit who are then forced to build/repair marine defenses with the mp there to make sure the clf don’t try fleeing? or just a standard penal unit made up of clf to fight xenos? could also use the mps as barrier troops in that case to stop any clf who try running away