Clone lore?

Alright, so whether we should let cloned characters into the whitelist. Imagine this: we’re talking about having characters like a cloned Commander who’s been around for centuries, thanks to some cloning wizardry. This guy, let’s call him Major Windhealer, is a legend among the United States Colonial Marines. Like, seriously legendary. His story is so epic that it’s been passed down for generations, and the Corps has even immortalized him in recruitment propaganda. You know the drill: “If it’s good enough for Major Windhealer, it’s good enough for you.”

Now, think about the storytelling potential here. Major Windhealer isn’t just your average hero. He’s a symbol of resilience, strategy, and all-around badassery. Not to mention in the Alien lore itself, cloning is also a cannon thing. We’re talking about themes like the ethics of cloning, the passage of time, and what it means to be a hero throughout the ages. It’s like a sci-fi epic meets a deep philosophical discussion.

To be honest, I wanna make a character who just kept talking about how they keep seeing themselves dying in their sleep repeatedly countless of times every single night and I think that’s kinda cool.

no thanks, it’s great fun making fun of foxtrots for being “flash-grown clones cuz them sleeper tanks were empty” and giving them existential crises.


We don’t have “clones”, the closest thing this setting has (atleast in 2182) is the AWs (vatties) and that’s not changing any time soon.


we USED to have cloning though, during a canon stretch of the server…