CMO: the most elite JTAC operative to ever live

Just so you get how high that is that is the same level as a fire team leader

RTO, not FTL


No they changed it to fireteam leader



RTO is the only one of the renamed roles that I’m fine with, I always just saw the RTO as “the guy who replaces the SL”.

(You could put a gun to my head and I’d still not call medics corpsmans)

Since when do we listen to morrowbeno?

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It will always and forever be RTO. Refuse to change your language.


1v1 me JTAC only i go CMO you go FT or incorrectly RTO who ever scores the most FF via JTAC wins. Winner decides the correct name

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Only if the Map is Shiva’s Snowball or CORSAT.

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what about ice(which is nice)?

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No, they removed it, I refuse to accept there ever was ice. You’ll have to play on sorokyne