CO (and possibly XO) Poll: Which faction are you?

  • Doves
  • Magpies
  • Hawks
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Are you a Peace loving Humanitarian Dove?Or perhaps a Technological and Corporate loving Magpie? Or maybe your a Hawk that doesn’t care about anything other then winning no matter the cost.

Even though i never played CO or XO. I did tell SADAR that if he sees a xeno grab me that he shouldn’t be a little bitch and just shoot me even if it kills me and my man did it.

So i choose hawk : )

Did you make sure to tell spec you always thought he was an Asshole?

He just said “Hey man. I really don’t want to gib you with my SADAR like that would ruin it for me so please play it saf-”



“Not knowing it was a thing when you got the whitelist status and then forgetting to choose” gang rise up!

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Ah the “I just want to grill” of CO’s. Truly the best choice.


When I’m XO every time the OP starts off well and then by around the hour mark only 10-17 marines are left so… yeah, I’m not very good at XO

This poll is flawed. Where is the Bill Carson/Bob Cross option?


Sorry i forgot to include the Chicken Hawk as an option.

That would probably be Hawk. But maybe de facto Hawk, rather than chosen Hawk.

We need an option for a CO who hates the company but LOVES their marines and adapts his personality to suit the squad/department, chameleon maybe?

Nah it’s got to be named after a bird. Probably Cuckoo is best as that is a species of bird that replaces the eggs of another bird so they blend in.

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Thats a hawk dude

Maybe haha!

Honestly Cuckoo would be nice flavor…but it may be a bit too on the nose to have an actual CO faction dedicated to be nebulous and/or duplicitous in their positions…

Sort of like how certain people are only informally called that term. I’m not sure I’ve heard of one self-describing: E.g; Rino and Dino