CO / XO "Withdraw & De-orbit" alternative to "Nuke"

I mean… Logically people want to do this and sometimes people dont want to fucking have the hell that is hijack sometimes but this stuff does take time in lore.

Like FTL needs to heat up and people need to get into cryo or the will quickly become what happened to the crew of that uh… ship int hat one movie… Because the speed of light encurs about 53498065 Gs in 10 seconds. The human body can stand 40 Gs in 1 second. You would turn to liquid paste hell even your bones would be removed.

Though you could add another option. Call for more support which is like another platoon from a nearby ship like 50 or so people


W Take

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I get that. But no one suggested jumping to light speed or using FTLs.

Deorbiting is just ‘cruising’ away from the planet but remaining in system. When the Marines wake up, most of the Naval personnel are alerady awake and have been running the ship for a bit.

“Call for Support” would work in lore – but would be “unbalanced” because then Marines could just endlessly dump Marines on the xenos and the round would never end. It’d just turn into 3-5 hours of “Starcraft” clicking “make units” at the barracks / spawning pools.

… I think that having “Limited” resources on both sides would make things fair – so that if the resources are burned up foolishly or don’t provide any ‘gains’ – there are consequences.

If the xenos had a “resource” that could be burned out eventually - that would be neat. It means they don’t get to sit back and ‘relax’ while baiting marines. They could not endless ‘push’ and orbit around Marines forever. They would have to “infest” what resources the hive has left and commit two about four or five attacks - and if it fucks up? … Xenos lose. That’s it.

And they can ‘die’ fighting the Marines or escape into the “Deep Hive” which is another idea I’m thinking up.

I would love this option so I can proceed to never use it and deny marines withdrawal as CO.


I think this is a great idea and the only thing I think I would wanna change from it is a slightly longer timer for roleplay since a lot of medics and people will probably be dead on the dropship once it takes off and spend most of their time reviving people, and then maybe add something similar to the forsaken xenos for the ground xenos to have fun with before the round ends. Can call them Marine Stragglers or the left behinds or something along those lines, That way Xenos don’t get too bored and have a way to “expand the hive” for thematic purposes.

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Just give xenoes thumbs (They can hold and interact with everything just like a human), and you give a lot of funny dumb things xenoes can do while waiting.

funny how it became a discussion about a word or two in the end of the round menu instead of a discussion about making the game more fun

Personally I think we should just remove hijack entirely or at the very least put it to a vote (a vote that everyone gets a say in, not just xenos, not just command staff, but the entire server, dead or alive).